Two Methods of Nutripuncture® Application

Nutris are the tools used in the application of Nutripuncture. With empirical research, two methods of application of Nutripuncture have been developed, each achieving very different objectives: Associative Nutripuncture and Sequential Nutripuncture.

It is recommended to start with a simple Associative Nutripuncture approach to stimulate the vitality of the organism before using Sequential Nutripuncture. For seasonal or punctual stress, an association would generally be recommended and be usually sufficient to restore balance and well being. In the case of bigger issues, such as chronic conditions, deep traumas or extreme stress,  a sequential approach will be necessary to access deeper information at the cellular level.


Associative Nutripuncture

Associative Nutripuncture, is used to stimulate the potential and self-regulation of weakened vital currents in the body.

Its purpose is to diffuse the temporary difficulties challenging an individual so he or she can handle everyday stress and seasonal changes.  This is done by nourishing the specific disrupted circuits (vital currents) in the body. All of the vital currents can be stimulated to reinforce the body’s vital potential.

In this particular intake form, Nutri Yin and Nutri Yang, taken first,  acts as a general Cellular Nutritional Regulator and is the key to open vital currents stimulation. It is then followed by the specific Nutri of the vital current needing stimulation/re-balancing.

For example, during the winter season, the vital currents of the kidney and bladder are particularly sensitive. An association of Nutri Yin Nutri Yang, followed by Nutri 22 (Kidney) and Nutri 31 (Bladder) will help restore the general field of the kidney / bladder, helping the organism go through the seasonal change.

Associative Nutripuncture clears the targeted cellular environment or field inside the body, boosting cellular exchanges and restoring a state of general well-being and vitality. It offers a full-spectrum stimulation through a very broad nutritional action. It has a regulating action, facilitating all biochemical exchanges and making it possible for each cell to extract the necessary nutrients for their proper function.


Sequential Nutripuncture

Sequential Nutripuncture, on the other hand, is more complex than Associative Nutripuncture as it  has a precise, targeted action that improves the depths of the biological field. It engages the body’s language by connecting five specific vital current lines and stimulating them in a precise order. It communicates vital information that calls upon cellular organizational memory, enabling each vital current line to reposition itself correctly, recovering its proper place and function in the general structure of the body. The action of Sequential Nutripuncture is not limited to organic vitality but is quite broad and also promotes psychological and behavioral balance.

Sequential Nutripuncture offers a wide range of protocols for dealing with the stresses of life, which, from earliest childhood, have been weakening the vital currents. Sequential Nutripuncture must be properly targeted and well administered for full results to be seen.

In each case the protocol consists of ingesting a sequence of five Nutris corresponding to the numbers of a specific vital current. These will vary for men and women when the vital currents involved are those specific to each gender.

When a pair of Nutripuncture sequences is suggested, the first sequence is comprised of a specific sentence that connects five vital currents and accesses cellular memory while the second sequence stimulates the cerebral pole to integrate and assimilate this cellular memory without disturbing any vital function. They are inseparable. The pills of both sequences are taken one after the other in succession.


How long does it need to be taken ?

For the organism to properly receive and learn the message, a given sequence (or pair of sequences) is usually taken twice a day for a month. However, just as with other kinds of learning, not everyone learns at the same rate and some require more review, so certain organisms may need additional time to learn the information. Occasionally, more than one sequence may be given to work on different levels of interactions that are the result of the vital currents not functioning properly.

The use of Sequential Nutripuncture for serious conditions requires a high level of understanding, which can be provided by a specialist who speaks this language of the body and can recommend the appropriate sequences.


Using Associative and Sequential Nutripuncture in the Same Day

You can use both Associative and Sequential Nutripuncture in the same day. However, it is recommended to let a period of at least two hours elapse between the times you take them.


Contains extracts from Nutripuncture, Stimulating the energy pathways of the body without needles, by P. Veret, C. Cuomo, F. Burigana and A. Dell’Aglio.