Thyroid and Nutripuncture®

Thyroid imbalance is a common problem. Most commonly it is an under- rather than an over-active thyroid.


Located in the throat, the thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland and the largest organ in the endocrine or hormone-secreting system in the body. The thyroid produces several hormones such as thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). The active hormone T3 is converted from T4 and is the one whose level usually drops with a thyroid imbalance.


Nutripuncture® works with 33 vital currents, 14 primary and 19 secondary, with five unique to each gender. Vital currents are described as “biophotons, electromagnetic waves”, and “non-molecular information that enables various bodily systems to communicate in real-time.”1

The thyroid is one of the secondary meridians in the Kidney Bladder meridian family, which regulates the transmission of genetic information and potential. From the Nutripuncture® perspective, the Thyroid vital current regulate time and supports a person’s alignment with the timing of life stages. The Thyroid is our biological clock of rhythms and time.

This gland, animated by its meridian line, appears as of the seventeenth day of intrauterine life and governs the development of the child’s nervous system throughout pregnancy. Any Thyroid deficiency of the mother during this period will affect the child’s cerebral balance. Throughout life, this meridian controls the basal metabolism.

Our circadian cycle is regulated by natural forces and our exposure to sunlight. With light pollution, our body has become out of sync. Our ability to remain in the present moment, supported by the Thyroid meridian line, can also be compromised by shock, travel, and other challenges. This temporary disturbance can be restored with an association of nutris (micro-nutrients that restore cellular communication). As the Thyroid meridian is part of the Kidney-Bladder family which is associated with the season of Winter, nourishing and activating these meridians during Winter is beneficial.

It is advisable to see a Nutripuncture® practitioner for a consultation to understand where the imbalance lies, thereby formulating a strategy toward health and well-being.


This is an extract of the article Get to know your thyroid and get the low down on how to restore health written by Alexandra Shih-Pajares


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Image Source: Tanja Heffner