The Story Of Nutripuncture® Told By Dr. Patrick Veret

If you wonder how Dr Patrick Veret discovered Nutripuncture®. What is better than having him tell the story himself?

Dr. Patrick Veret, Founder of Nutripuncture®

“I have always wondered about the whys and the hows of life. Having suffered from severe acne during my youth, my parents who were pharmacists brought me the best dermatology specialists, without any result. They then headed, without much belief, to Dr. Rouy, a homeopath in Paris, who achieved spectacular results.

For me, this experience was an opening to another research than surgery: that of the origin of the disease. For years, I interested myself to homeopathy; and at the same time I began to study acupuncture.

I began at a very young age to reflect on the ills of my parents, trying to understand their deep origin. These reflections, shared with other researchers, allowed me to develop a method of investigation on the complexity of the human being, which today I continue to teach, enriched by experiences of the practitioners who use it in different countries. The meeting with some confreres such as Paul Nogier, father of auriculotherapy, allowed me to be aware of the modifications of the pulse in relation to environmental signals (stress, stimuli ..). Other researchers, such as Dr. Jacques Lavier and Dr. Jacques-Émile Henri Niboyet in acupuncture, have been the inspiration for my research on the informational aspect of cell communication.

If Paul Nogier, by his technique, was a driving force in my research on vital cellular information, Jacques Lavier by his exceptional knowledge of the TAO, i.e the relation of the man and the woman in their environment, allowed me to integrate bit by bit, a global concept of the human.

As for Jacques-Émile Henri Niboyet, his research on the rational, in all his studies, allowed me to be always in a concrete relation with life, having as reference the body. In fact, each person carries with them a part of the knowledge and thus sometimes allows the other to access it.

It is by working on homeopathic remedies that I began to understand the impact of the information contained in a substance on a specific target of the body. I also observed that their synergy gave birth to emerging properties.

This is how I was able to see the specific weaknesses of each patient and find the most appropriate remedies for its “field”. I have always successfully practiced a customised medicine modeled on the person.

However, although the results were exciting, I was not totally satisfied with this approach because I found that the information at the root of the problem were still present and could be reactivated when facing an occasional stress.

I then had the idea to work on minerals by researching their impact on the organism. Then, I quickly realised that I had “touched” something very interesting. At that time, I had the chance to meet the son of Georges Lakhovsky who had taken over his father’s work on polymetallic circuits. If the use of metals gave indeed interesting results, it was essential to follow the patients more accurately and diligently.

Another period began to unfold, fed by new reflections on the role of amino acids and their information. This allowed me to integrate in my approach a new method of investigation and to observe much more durable and profound answers but which still required very a close follow-up.


After experiencing the amazing work on polymetallic circuits, led by Georges Lakhovsky in the 1920s, I always had a question in the back of my mind: how can these circuits affect the vitality of a plant or a human being? This was the starting point for a very rich reflection on the “vital currents” of the body: an electromagnetic network that allows all cell groups to exchange information in real-time.

Thus, as time went by, I developed formulas based on micro-dosed minerals blends. The first were created in 1983 and today they constitute a range of 39 nutritional supplements, the necessary and essential “tools” to start the research I still continue today.

Through these mineral complexes, I was able to find the nutritional acton, that is to say non-therapeutic, that I had always been looking for to support natural auto-regulation. With them, I was able to build a scientific method to approach the person as a whole. This method is now taught to practicians in various countries with applications in many areas of well-being.

The use of these 39 nutritional supplements was first carried out in an associative way. It was the beginning of what I would later call “Nutripuncture®”.

From 1995, we began to study these complexes in sequences of five. It was the beginning of a huge work that is still ongoing today: that of vital cellular information and of cellular language, through the expression of the 5 senses. Thanks to these “tools”, developed ten years before, we were discovering a complex alphabet, able to communicate multiple and specific information.

I was not interested in the pains of the patients, but in the disturbed vital currents that I just had to dynamise to allow the body to recover its self-regulation capacity. Here I was, discovering bits by bits, the fundamental law that govern life cycles and biorhythms. Therefore, when a disease appears, in addition to prescribed medication by the doctor, it is also possible to boost the organism to facilitate self-regulation.

My companion, Cristina Cuomo, has been and still is a great help through all the encounters I have been able to make and the challenges I have experienced, enthusiastically supporting me in this pioneering work. I had the pleasure of sharing my works with Ervin Laszlo, Edgar Morin, Emilio Del Giudice, Fabio Burigana, Yvonne Parquer … the list of friends and collaborators is long.

Dr Patrick Veret, giving a conference in Brisbane Australia in 2018

Today, this research of more than 30 years is taught in many different countries. Cristina Cuomo has made it possible to extend this teaching and its applications in many areas of well-being, allowing men and women to access their potential and boost their vitality. In recent years, education has been taking place in various European countries such as Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and France. In America, with Canada, the United States. In Asia, with Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Translated extract from – Nutripuncture: rééquilibrer l’information cellulaire par des méthodes  naturelles.