The role of minerals in cellular regulation

Life appeared progressively through the different kingdoms: plant, animal and human; the ultimate link in this chain.

Only four main atoms (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen) constitute the structure of all living molecules. Present since the origin of the universe, minerals have specific properties, essential to the organisation and maintenance of life.
Some are constitutive, such as calcium which is fixed in the bones, others are solubilized in ionic form.

Trace minerals, distributed throughout the body, in very small quantities, catalase enzymatic reactions, maintain the electrochemical gradient of cell membranes, initiate protein synthesis by direct action on DNA, etc…in short, they are at the heart of all living processes.

The study of trace minerals is complex as each of them has a different action depending on its nature, the elements with which it is linked and the organs in which it is found.
The polymineral complexes developed by the fundamental research conducted in Nutripuncture®, activate, in a targeted way, the circulation of the different vital currents of the body, in order to better manage the response to the different stresses of life and support cellular regulation.

These complexes, synergistic combinations of micro minerals, have “emergent properties”, different from those of each of their components.

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