The interaction of the environment on our vital potential

Our environment interacts with our vital potential, that grows progressively according to our specific genetic programming, and is modulated by the various stimulus of our external environment.

For example, the development of the central nervous system is the result of a genetic program but it is also shaped by stimulus from the environment during infancy.

Motor skills learning is also shaped by the family environment as well as by the different steps in the development of cross walking. These steps, though genetically programmed, are very sensitive to the movements that we observe in the family environment, through mirror neurons,  and are imprinted in a “family mimicry” process.

Parents can be considered as a “coding” environment for the evolution of the child. The relationship with the mother, already starting during in-utero life, is a substantial databank, that will have an influence on the genetic patrimony of the child, activating or inhibiting his/her potential. All received stimulus, are information that are recorded in the cells memory but not always integrated at the cortical level.

Over the last 30 years, we have observed that some stressors prevented the integration of some of those “coding” information, that is necessary for adult maturation.

Progressively, our investigations have demonstrated many cellular dynamics deviations and identified the epigenetic stimuli responsible for the modification of natural auto-regulation and time induced physical and psychic manifestations.

The origin of most disturbances is an alteration of vital currents, often being the root of deep troubles. In some cases, the loss of auto-regulation capacity is so sudden that a disease manifests, against which it is important to find solution for recovery. The use of medication is then necessary, however the use of a nutritional approach is possible, as it supports the medical treatment.

Often heavy medical treatment are necessary, however they can induce some disturbances. In some cases, they can activate specific information and some deep disturbances can manifest, often irreversible. The person in then cured from her disease but has other minor symptoms to live with.

Nutripuncture® can help by supporting the organism to recover its bearings, its psychosomatic integrity and an efficient cellular auto-regulation.

Indeed, the common denominator of all psychosomatic disturbances is the impairment of cellular auto-regulation capacity. In many cases, just by recovering a correct information, cellular autoregulation capacity is restored. Nutripuncture® has a direct action on cellular information with immediate effect that can be observed on the person’s posture, voice, sign and general sense of wellbeing.