The ingredients of human vitality

The experiments conducted in Nutripuncture® have made it possible to identify the essential conditions for the development of human vitality. Once basic human needs are satisfied, we can develop and manifest our individual potential. Certain conditions are necessary.


The first condition is to be present to oneself, well anchored in a place and in time ‘here and now’. This allows to respect the cellular rhythms, paced by the light information (intensity and time of exposure to the light) and telluric information (related to the quality of the soil).

This is all the more important to consider when traveling (travels, moves, …) to support insertion in a place and the anchoring necessary to the realization of any action: two vital currents to support: that of anchoring [28/21] and time [27]


The second condition is to identify and orient correctly in space. To move and orient itself, the body uses proprioception (the ability to perceive oneself internally). A faithful representation of one’s body, conforming to the anatomical reality is built thanks to precise internal landmarks, giving it its three-dimensionality: right / left, up / down, forward / backward.

This body schema is built very early by the initial movements that all babies practice to straighten out, to access the bipedal, and then crossed walk. It is fundamental to support the vital currents involved in the spatial orientation [33, 34, 35/36, 37/38], ensuring the spatial organization three-dimensional.


The third condition is to express one’s sexual and cognitive identity. The masculine or feminine gender defines an essential aspect of the genetically programmed identity. If the identity manifests itself at the genetic, constitutional level, by the forms that characterize the unique morphology of a person (fingerprints, ear shape, etc.), it is also expressed through informational parameters, like the tone of voice, or particular sensory perception.

Although in Nutripuncture identity presents a fundamental ingredient of vitality, it is not a question of making it a cult: it is simply a reference to express one’s uniqueness while recognizing and respecting the singularity of the other.


The fourth condition is to express one’s sensory potential, perception of taste, auditory, olfactory, visual, and tactile, to fully appreciate life.

At the heart of identity there exists a stable and unique core, expressing itself through the singular perception proper to each individual.

Translated extract from “La Nutripuncture: rééquilibrer l’information cellulaire par des méthodes naturelles”