The Essentiality of Water

About 70% of the adult body and between 70-75% of the earth’s surface are made up of water. Given that we can go without food for one month and only one week without water, it is undeniable this element is essential to our survival.

The human body uses water to regulate temperature, transport nutrients, eliminate wastes and toxins, and to lubricate, among many other processes required for life.

There really is no life without water.

It’s not surprising then that water has always been a prized commodity and plays a central role in cultures, religions, and daily life. Water symbolizes fluidity, flow, transformation, purity, clarity, emotions, and change. Even with its abundance, water remains a mystery.

In Nutripuncture, water is the element linked to winter, and therefore to the Kidney(09) – Bladder (31) Meridian Family and the sense of hearing. It is also associated with the prenatal stage when we live in the waters of the amniotic sac. The Kidney (09) – Bladder (31) Meridian family governs the “expression of genetic potential and controls the biological constants of the human body” (p94 Nutripuncture by Patrick Veret et al).

Furthermore, this family is also responsible for the transmission of genetic and ancestral information.The secondary meridian Suprarenal Glands or Adrenal Glands (09) is known as the Source as it contains and connects parental information, whose communication is the realm of another secondary meridian, the Veins (29).

It is through the actions of the Kidneys (09) – Bladder (31) Meridian family and the element of water that ancestral information is passed down, through the generations. In this sense, water is a carrier of vital life-supporting information. Water’s amazing ability as a medium is seen in Flower Essences Therapy where water is used to hold the energetic imprint of flowers for healing.

Water is also a carrier of frequency as seen by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. The molecular structure of hydrogen and oxygen can be expressed in a variety of ways and Dr. Emoto has shown through the range of crystal formations that water is highly susceptible to vibration. High-frequency words such as Love & Gratitude form the most amazingly beautiful crystals while low-frequency words result in broken asymmetrical ones.

The idea that water is essential to life is then true not only on the physical level, seen with necessary systemic processes. The element of Water, with the Kidneys (09) – Bladder (31) Meridian Family, ensures the transmission, expression, and communication of genetic information essential to life.

About the Author
Alexsandra Shih-Pajares is a writer, self-care coach, and holistic health practitioner who incorporates Jin Shin Jyutsu, HeartMath, Human Design, and Nutripuncture in her work. She also offers Quantum Biofeeback sessions for personal development. You can find her writing on What Therapy, a wellness portal she helms along with her own practice at Alex offers courses, workshops, and online sessions to share tools and techniques for you to build your own practice to shed the old and live as who you truly are.