The Consequences of a Loss In Cellular Regulation

The cell is the functional and structural unit of the living. It is a generator capable of producing electricity through biochemical reactions.
It also acts as an accumulator limited by a double membrane, with an internal and external layer, which guarantees the exchanges between the intra and extracellular environments.

Cells communicate through electromagnetic frequencies, signals belonging to each group of cells, which are organized by vital currents: it is a communication system that modulates the biochemical reactions and the coherence of organic functions.

When cellular communication is impaired, information does not circulate properly.
Cells have the innate capacity to autoregulate, however, over time and exposure to stressors, this capacity may be reduced and, a degradation of the integrity and proper functioning of the organic systems could progressively take place. It is thus important to support this capacity of cellular regulation.

This degradation usually evolves in 3 steps:

Step 1 – Malaise

Feeling of having lost a sound health, decrease of vitality, of tone; manifestations that are not always considered as warning signals. This state constitutes the ground on which various disorders can develop. Most sensitive individuals tend to seek simple solutions (vitamins, diet, physical activity, meditation, etc.).
At this level, cellular regulation is already compromised. However, it is possible to reinforce it quickly.

Step 2 – Functional Disorder

Symptomatological manifestations, characterized by the loss or the alteration of a function, without apparent lesions. The cause of such manifestations is the presence of a “terrain” that has predisposed the physical manifestation upstream. People who notice such manifestations tend to go to the doctor to find remedies.
The loss of cellular regulation induces more concrete manifestations. Recovery is slower but still possible.

Step 3 – Organic Disorder

Symptomatological manifestations caused by one or more organic lesions. The cause of such manifestations is a loss of functional integrity. People suffering from these lesions go to specialist physicians and are in need of pharmacological therapies or of more invasive therapies.
Pathophysiological processes are underway. Supporting cellular regulation facilitates recovery and helps reduce recurrences.

Nutripuncture® is a holistic method addressing an individual as a whole to support health, strengthen physical and psychic vitality by promoting cellular regulation; the body’s capacity to self-regulate. Find out more on what is Nutripuncture here and how to connect with a practitioner here.

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