Many have benefited from Nutripuncture® and have happily agreed to share their experience.
Thank you!  Like them please do not hesitate to send us your testimonial to share your experience with the rest of the world.

Susan – UK, May 2019

I had my first appointment yesterday and it was soooo good! Thank you so very much for putting me in touch with her [Valerie], for literally helping me get back under my skin. Truly grateful!

V.M. – Singapore, December 2018

“I have experienced the amazing benefits of Nutripuncture® for myself and my family. It has been a life changing experience for me, on so many levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.

I broke my elbow before Christmas in 2017 and had to undergo surgery. Using Nutripuncture® was the greatest support for me for pain management and my speedy healing.

I have also witnessed wonderful transformations for people who have been using it.

Learning the modality has given me a better understanding of how a human body works and interacts with the environment, and also how this environment can disturb the initial programming of our cells, creating imbalance that manifests at the physical and emotional level. Nutripuncture® is the only modality I have come across that can create such profound shifts to rectify imbalances and restore well-being.”

A.P. and S.P – Parents of S.P – Singapore, April 2014

“Before the diagnosis of our 7-year-old Shreyan, most of the time we got our son lost and happy in his own world, very restricted interest though very keen to mix with people. After diagnosis, we came to know that he has Asperger Syndrome and so his behavior is different and unique from the neurotypical kids of his age. He has also issues like attention deficit and sensory processing.

The first time we met Pavla in the month of Jan 2014 and approached her how to resolve these issues and get improvement from Shreyan. She rather suggested us to change our expectation and attitude towards Shreyan.  She guided us how to ‘help’ Shreyan to do better, eventually that would significantly contribute towards betterment as a whole. Her Nutripuncture® therapies and counseling are truly instrumental.

Today we must say that we started witnessing a significant improvement in Shreyan from every aspect. Now he is grounded and showing interest towards the world we belong. As a parent, we are much more relieved and we are eager to continue with her therapies as per her guidance.  We would highly recommend Pavla, she is an excellent human being who treats people with compassion and commitment.”

C.T. – Singapore, April 2014

“Antoinette did a superb job of introducing how Nutripuncture® works and how to use it. Through clear and systematic explanations as well as visuals, she organized wide-ranging information into bite-sized chunks and made it digestible. Typically, she would present the information and then have us apply what we learned on hypothetical case studies. We then moved on to actual trials and helped diagnose and prescribe Nutris for each other.  More importantly, she helped us make the connections between the different chunks of information, which is so crucial to one’s ability to practice this for oneself or on others.

Content and delivery aside, the dynamics of the class was excellent as well. The class size was right and helped made sure no-one in the group was left behind. Antoinette created an open, collaborative and supportive atmosphere that helped engage everyone in their learning. I came away with a clear understanding of this modality of healing and the confidence to use it. Thank you for being an awesome trainer, Antoinette!”

 P. B. – Singapore, October 2012

“I have been introduced to Nutripuncture® for over a year now and it has made a significant positive impact on my well-being.
This is an incredible healing modality and I have not come across anything like Nutripuncture® before. It works on any physical or psychological issue without surgery and importantly without any side effects that are experienced with allopathic medicine.

Nutripuncture® has made me realize that even minor traumas we experience in our lives can make a significant difference and if we don’t deal with them as they arise or bottle up our emotions without recognizing them and releasing them, they can manifest in other areas of our health, whether it is mentally or physically.
I have taken Nutripuncture® for quite a few weeks now and it has helped to transform a very difficult relationship I had with both my parents. I feel happier and more energetic than before.
I am definitely going to carry on with this journey and planning to attend all workshops available in Singapore in the near future.”

P. B. France, May 2013

“After my daughter had an operation to remove a tumor on her arm, I gave her as quickly as possible afterward the following association. Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang 08  12  30  19  16  35  37.

08  12  and 30 are the basic nutrients for anesthesia. 19 and 16 are for muscles and skin as there was a cut during the surgery. 35 and 37 for the tumor. It’s recommended to give the nutriment for the organ subjected to surgery. In the case of a tumor, it is Master Heater and Triple Warmer.

My daughter had a 4-week sick leave but had an amazingly quick recovery after only 5 days. She was able to lead her normal life without any fatigue. The nurse was surprised at how well the skin and the stitches looked. Even though my daughter was told there would be scarring, the skin healed tremendously well and only a minor mark remains”

M., USA/Singapore, June 2011

“My experience learning about and using Nutripuncture® has been a very rewarding journey toward better health physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

I presented a very long list of health and behavioral challenges to Jean-Loup Fayolle and have discovered through the Nutripuncture® course almost all of them are part of the kidney bladder family.  My feeling about this is that through my life I have had a myriad of challenging experiences that were not dealt with at the time due to not having the tools to recognize the stimuli or pattern.  As layer upon layer of unresolved material accumulated I lost awareness of what it is to be whole and have largely existed by using coping mechanisms.

I felt and feel a knowing within me that is beyond explanation that it is my time to reclaim what I once was.
Step by step, layer by layer I have found the use of Nutripuncture® a method which has enabled this process.

The first enormous step was taking kidney bladder so that for the first time I can remember I did not feel an almost constant unexplained paralyzing fear in my gut.
After taking the first module I felt total ease. Trust and acceptance from Jean-Loup and Valerie.

Because of this kindness, and the balance of professional presentation, personal experience, humor, empowering experiences with fellow classmates, and acceptance I made a private appointment with Jean-Loup and Valerie.I felt I was finally in the right place to disclose/expose aspects of my being in hope of resolution.  I felt a huge relief as they both showed ‘no judgment’ and was then recommended many sequences which I happily took.

As the meridians began to communicate, combined with the understanding gained through the module I found what felt like pieces of a puzzle dropping into place.

I have now completed the 3rd module of Nutripuncture®.  I can now understand, accept, and forgive many family patterns.  I can actually feel my pulse and energy flowing throughout my body, this is astonishing.  I accept wholeness is a lifetime process but have made such a tremendous step forward I am filled with gratitude and awe.
I would like to thank Nutripuncture®, Jean-Loup, and Valerie from my entire being for their part of the astonishing journey I am on”.

C. C. Singapore, April 2013

“The journey to get to the multidimensional voice was an amazing experience. I had been using the sequence for personal voice and I’m always astounded by how effortless it feels when I sing after I take the sequence. There were a few starts and stops, but with Dr. Veret’s expert guidance, I got instant feedback and was able to get to the multidimensional voice fairly quickly during the workshop. I learned there could be disruptions to the multidimensional voice but also how to re-integrate it using my body and a recording.
The multidimensional voice is amazing, not just for myself but also on the audience. I feel such a sense of effortless joy and self-integrity when singing, and I’m accessing yet another level of expression. I am fully able to convey and express the emotions and meaning and share that as an authentic “conversation” with the audience.
I cannot imagine not using the multidimensional voice when I’m performing even just jamming with other musicians as it adds so much depth to what I do.”

A. B. – Singapore September 2012

‘My first convincing experience happened at an introduction evening when I arrived with the first and only stomach pain so far in my life…After chewing and swallowing three sequences, my stomach pain was gone and never came back.

Intrigued I started to delve deeper into the whole therapy-attending classes, diligently taking sequences and introducing it to my children then to my clients. So far the results have been impressive both with Nutripuncture® and with Activa. Not only are they great first-aid tools for aches and pains but they also help clear deep-rooted challenges on an emotional, mental or physical level.

Both of my kids study overseas and since they have their own kit, it is so easy to help them along by simply telling them which sequences to take. Be it a sprain, test anxiety, frustration, food poisoning or tiredness… a day or two later, I always get a message “mum, that stuff really helps!”

A. D. – Singapore, May 2011

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Nutripuncture®.

I have just had one round of the allergy sequence and I do not sneeze as much I did before.  It’s almost like magic.  My morning sneezing which had become a habit and part of me, since I was a child, suddenly does not exist anymore!!

Eating chocolate without getting a migraine attack seems unbelievable. Being in the grass and nature and having no itchy skin, no sneezing and no more burning eyes seems so unreal! I have had so many antibiotics and antihistamines all my life just to get the momentary relief.  I was skeptical about Nutripuncture® but knowing that they have no side effects and contain basic minerals; made me feel to try them with an open mind.  I have tried homeopathy in the past but with no positive results.  So I was mentally prepared for a similar worst case scenario.  But I do like to evaluate the risk and believe in trying new stuff with an open mind.  I was willing to try at least three rounds of the sequence before coming to the conclusion if it works or not.  But honestly, I saw a big difference in 2 weeks.  And now I need no more Nutri for my allergies.  I am using the sinus sequence and my blocked nose and runny nose seems to be getting better each day !”

irina-testimonial-nutripuncture-singapore-nutrients-minerals-supplementsI. K – Russia / Singapore, March 2014

“For me Nutripuncture® became an incredible means to believe in myself and my own resourses and power. It is hard to believe now life can change completely in a few month, but seems with Nutripuncture® everything is possible. Nutripuncture® is really a great way to everyone to work on his target zone easily and painless just by regulating vital currents in the body and balancing an energetic field. On both physiclal and energetic level you can achieve visible results much faster than you ever expected. It definitely worth trying! I would like to thank Pascale Bernard for being an outstanding teacher with very positive and individual approach to every student and, of course, my therapist Antoinette Biehlmeier for bringing me back to life! “

U. B. – Singapore, December 2013

“When I was first introduced to Nutripuncture®, I was running on a very low energy level and everything was pointing towards a burn-out. I felt that all the stress and tiredness from moving around the world and working in a demanding environment had accumulated in my body.

I am grateful to see how Nutripuncture® has helped me to regain my strength in a very short time period”

C.W. T – Singapore, September 2011

“I am a student in Nutripuncture® in Singapore and had additional training recently in France with Jean-Loup Fayolle. I have acknowledged what Nutripuncture® can do to improve the immediate results of a massage session. It helps the massage therapist to be more in tune with him (her)self and the client to receive the treatment better.

I would be happy to share my experiences with practical demonstrations with other massage therapists in Singapore. I would be happy to help in any Chinese translation if needed”

F. C – France / Singapore, January 2013

“My own experiences with Nutripuncture® are very positive.
The sequences of Nutripuncture® have supported my inner re-balancing process as well as my self-development journey in a very deep, unique and true way.
Some habits, belief patterns, and emotions have disappeared instantly, bringing more joy, happiness, and fulfillment in my daily life.
It has also helped in the treatment of some chronic illnesses and even more importantly, gave me good explanations of the root causes.

I am now very dedicated to share the benefits of Nutripuncture® with others”

J. C – Singapore / U.S.A., October 2012

“Walking beside the hurting hearts is what I do as a volunteer Counselor with the Family Service Center and other charitable organizations in Singapore.  Being in the helping industry can be very burdened at times and I am glad that Nutripuncture® is helping me to cope physically and psychologically.

My acquired knowledge in Nutripuncture® and recent training in France with Jean-Loup Fayolle has helped me to be more grounded and present when I am in a counseling session with my counselee.  I would be most glad to share with anyone my experiences in English or Mandarin.”

M. V – Singapore, June 2011

“I happened to chance upon Nutripuncture® at a Holistic and Lifestyle Festival in Singapore. Whilst there I had the pleasure of meeting with Valerie Marin and Jean-Loup Fayolle who very kindly took the time to explain the benefits of Nutripuncture® to me. This very quickly leads to my attending one of Jean Loup’s talks, followed immediately by my attending a workshop on understanding Nutripuncture®.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and very quickly understood the basics and values of Nutripuncture®. I am now a user of this amazing modality and share my experience with many so they can learn about its benefits.
I would recommend anyone and everyone to attend Nutripuncture® workshops to better understand themselves and Nutripuncture®, together allowing for an enhanced life.”

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