Seasons and Nutripuncture®

Life is marked by the passing of time, of seasons. Whether it is the animal and plant kingdoms or our human world, the seasons affect all of us directly.

The year is divided and rhythm with seasons, defined by climatic changes. As the earth revolves around the sun, seasonal changes are induced by the changes in the position of the earth in relation to the sun, bringing upon more or fewer sun rays intensity over certain parts of the globe over the year.
Seasons have a direct influence on the elements. Depending on the season, the weather will be drier, hotter, humid, or windy, creating a climate and conditions conducive to the development of certain plants and diseases. In Europe, for instance, basil doesn’t grow in winter, nor do the flu epidemics appear in summer.

The same elements, actors of the weather, also manifest in our body inducing our moods, our state of mind, our behavior, and also predisposing us to specific dysfunctions. The interaction of these elements activates impulses that flow through a network that connects in real-time all areas of the body, ensuring body-to-psyche communication: the network of the vital currents of the body.
Light, with its photon particles, plays a fundamental role in the transformation of biorhythms and in the circulation of vital currents.
These currents participate in the regulation of all systems of the organism, ensuring communication, coordination, and cellular cooperation: they convey the impulses necessary for the self-regulation of life, organic and psychic. We can imagine them as lines [made up of points with electrical properties] that run over the body, like a network ensuring the body’s self-regulation according to the time of year [season].
There are 33 vital currents in all [14 main and 19 secondary], related to different organ families of the body as well as to the 5 senses and the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether, so-called by the Eastern tradition. The role of each vital current is to ensure, in real-time, global communication between all areas of the body.

The strengths and weaknesses we were born with and acquired throughout our life determine our behaviors, our physical and psychic dynamics, and form our terrain. This terrain can change according to external and climatic stimuli, in particular the seasons. We adapt and adjust according to our state of vitality. During this process, certain vital currents may be more or less weakened and circulation disrupted.

Nutripuncture® uses associations of trace elements to promote the circulation of each vital current of the body and ensure, in the face of seasonal and climatic stresses, an optimal level of vitality.
It can support seasonal changes by stimulating the specific vital currents more sensitive at certain times of the year. Each seasonal change may affect in a positive or negative way specific vital current families that are more sensitive during the period, inducing a feeling of vitality or fatigue.

Each season activates more particularly a family of vital currents, each family is composed of two main currents and a series of secondary currents.

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