Restoring cellular health for better vitality

What does Yin and Yang mean?

Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes how 2 obviously opposite or contrary forces may be complementary, interconnected, naturally interdependent, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

In Nutripuncture®, Yin Yang refers to a set of Nutri® complexes designed to regulate the balance of the 2 membranes of the cell, with the aim to help communication go through each of them and thus support and optimize general communication and cellular health.

The importance of the cell membrane

A cell comprises many elements; such as the nucleus, cytoplasm, or mitochondria to name a few but also two membranes that define its limits. The internal membrane is in relation to the internal environment of the cell and the external membrane allows communication with the exterior of the cell. The importance of a proper balance and communication between these two membranes is essential for cellular health and general well being.

External stressors can have a huge impact on the balance and communication of the cells’ membranes. An imbalance may disturb the organism in general or when exposed to repetitive or long-term stress, impact organ systems, creating chronic conditions.

When the cell membranes are unbalanced, communication between each layer as well as communication with other cells is impaired, resulting in a general cellular communication disruption in the whole body. A bit like a radio signal with interference; information does not circulate properly in the organism.

Signs of cellular communication imbalance include psychological and intellectual fatigue, Irritability, poor sleep, neuromuscular hyperexcitability, anxiety, stress or depressive states.

Nutri Yin – Nutri Yang® for optimum cellular communication

Nutri Yin – Nutri Yang®, a set of Nutri® made of a synergy of micro diluted trace minerals, combined in a specific way to nourish the cells’ membranes, stimulate cellular communication, foster ionic exchanges in and between cells, catalyze biochemical reactions and rebalance the vital currents of the organism.

Clinically proven effective in 200 cases*

A small scale clinical study was carried by Laboratoires Ciocco Scs, Monaco, on a sample of 200 cases and has shown the effectiveness of Nutri Yin – Nutri Yang® on excitability, quality of sleep as well as physical and psychological fatigue.

The subjects were given 1 tablet of Nutri Yin and Nutri Yang twice a day between meals for a period of 60 days.
Results show average effectiveness of 81.20% on excitability, 62.65% on the quality of sleep, and 94.83% on physical and psychological fatigue.

See the full study

The importance of restoring and maintaining optimum cellular health is essential to reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep and promote vitality. It allows a proper flow of information and exchanges between organ systems.
Nutri Yin – Nutri Yang® can be taken by itself. It can also be used in associative Nutripuncture® to restore cellular exchanges, but also to stimulate cellular communication so that other Nutri® are more effective.
How about your cellular health? Do your cells communicate properly? If you want to find out, book a session with a Nutripuncture practitioner. To find out more about Nutripuncture® and associative Nutripuncture® click here.


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