[Replay] Webinar – Pregnancy

Webinar Description

Cristina Cuomo ran a special 2 hours webinar on 23rd of April 2020, discussing the topic of pregnancy with Nutripuncture®. She reviewed how the taste for being pregnant is essential to living a fulfilling pregnancy, how it is possible to establish a harmonious relationship with the future baby and how the couple can prepare its arrival and integration in their life.

About Cristina Cuomo

Closely collaborating with Dr Patrick Veret, founder of Nutripuncture®, Ms Cristina Cuomo is in charge of Nutripuncture® education programs in France.

For about 20 years, Cristina has conducted some research on the benefits of Nutripuncture® on the voice, posture and movement. She is vice-president of the Human-Voice association, whose honorary president is Edgar Morin. She conducts numerous conferences and trainings on walking, voice and Nutripuncture® in Europe and Canada. Cristina is also the author of La marche un Mouvement Vital [The walk, a vital movement] (Éditons Dauphin, Paris)

Investment and registration details

This workshop is the 2nd in a series of 6.
Registration fee – SG$100
This course is open to Students & Practitioners only.

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SGD$500 for the 6 workshops – One-time payment
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