Refining the 5 senses for a more balanced life


To taste and enjoy, listen and hear, to inspire and express, to look and see, to touch and connect, perceive the world and communicate!

Communication is vital!

Being in relation with yourself and others is essential. Sensorial perception is the way used by each human being to become aware of the reality surrounding him/herself, to communicate with the world and to be enriched by the information that he receives through his 5 senses.

Physiologically, the sensory sensors work collectively and simultaneously, without competition or conflict, to offer us a global and integrated perception of reality. However, the sensory receptors (taste, hearing, smell, sight and touch) are not always at their best, often under stress that disrupts their sensitivity: they no longer act in cooperation.

The perception of reality is then altered, the elaboration of recorded information reduced, the behaviour not always coherent nor adapted to the situation. For example, a behaviour with bulimia tendency can be the reaction to a reaction to an excess of work which alters the sense of taste (in relation to the vital currents modulating concrete action and its realisation), or the reaction to deep fears which alter the sense of hearing (in relation to the vital currents modulating self-confidence and lucidity).

Nutripuncture® helps to support and refine the 5 senses, to improve perception, overcome the negative effects of stress on behaviour and ensure the quality of communication.

5 Sensorial profiles

Nutripuncture® takes a large view of the human being and its complexity, on the interactions between its perceptions, behaviours, emotions and its relationship with the environment. The latter is an inexhaustible source of stimuli and vital information to which each person responds constantly by adapting to its continuous changes.

The way to capture this information and integrate it at the conscious level is shaped by 33 vital currents.

It is a communication network connecting all the parts of the body in real time and simultaneously processing signals from the environment via the 5 senses.

This network modulates the individual response, the psycho-somatic dynamics specific to each person and his or her own way of being, resulting in behaviour, posture, look, voice and, of course, cellular activity – an internal biochemistry. For example, some people suffering from excessive guilt or others who show excessive solicitude and kindness (in the unconscious quest to be loved) alter their view of reality, the possibility of recognizing it and to project themselves in life.

Nutripuncture® research has identified particular sensorial profiles in relation to specific behaviours.

  • The “taste” profile is manifested by a hyperactive, authoritarian behaviour, dominated by duty, work, the sense of taste is predominant
  • The “hearing” profile is manifested by a fearful, shy behaviour, who lives in illusion, denial, the sense of hearing is preponderant
  • The “smell” profile is manifested by a perfectionist, conformist or utopian behaviour, too idealistic, the sense of smell is in the foreground
  • The “sight” profile induces a hyper-affective, seductive behaviour, indecisive, dominated by the need to be loved, the sense of sight dominates
  • The “touch” profile gives way to aggressive, angry behaviour, or, conversely, apathetic, the sense of touch prevails

Thanks to Nutripuncture®, extensive work can be done to help rebalance and restore the senses’ perception and have a better response to stress from the environment.

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