Psoriasis, a global skin disease

A chronic and non-contagious inflammatory disease of the skin, Psoriasis, and its symptoms appear in the form of red patches and plaques, covered with whitish scales, mainly on the knees, sacral region, elbows, hands, feet, and scalp. They include flaking, itching, erythema, skin tension feeling, burning, and bleeding.
The disease usually occurs in young adults, with a peak incidence between the ages of 20 and 30 and a second peak between 50 and 60.

About 2 to 3 percent of the total world population suffers from this condition (about 125 million people)*. 

Nutripuncture® as a natural solution and support for Psoriasis?

Nutripuncture® is a natural therapy that uses micro-nutrients (minerals and trace elements) in micro-doses to stimulate the body’s self-regulatory system and rebalance its functions. Its aim is to restore balance to the body by stimulating its energy pathways and cellular communication.
From an informational point of view, when a traumatic and lesional physical event occurs, the involved cellular systems lose their natural self-regulation: trauma enters the memory and this toxic cellular memory hampers the natural process of self-healing.
Nutripuncture®, through the use of specific micro-dosed oligo-elements blends, can restore the capacity for autopoiesis and self-repair, thanks to a direct action on cellular memory.

Being of both genetic but also epigenetic origin, psoriasis symptoms could result in dysregulation and imbalance of specific information and cellular systems in the body, leading to skin inflammation.

Promising results of a clinical observation:

An uncontrolled preliminary clinical observation** was conducted with the goal to evaluate the effects of taking a specific protocol of Nutri (oligo-elements in micro-doses used in Nutripuncture®) for 2 months (2 sequences taken twice a day).

The changes in terms of pruritus reduction, affected areas, and severity of inflammatory manifestation were the psoriasis symptoms evaluated by a medical doctor using a rating scale in a group of 10 volunteers (male and female between 25 and 62 years of age) affected by psoriasis for at least 3 months.

Preliminary results after 60 days of intake**:

  • Significant reduction in the severity of the inflammatory manifestation
  • Reduction in pruritus (statistically irrelevant)
  • Reduction of the affected areas (irrelevant).

Symptoms evolution


Nutripuncture® can be an effective complementary solution that can help improve the overall quality of life for psoriasis patients and reduce psoriasis symptoms. As with any therapy, it is essential to work with a qualified practitioner to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

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