Proprioception and Spatial orientation

What is proprioception?

Do you have trouble getting oriented? Is this your right or your left?  Do you know without having to stop and think? How many times have you found yourself confused giving directions or driving?

Proprioception, also called kinesthesia, refers to the body’s capacity to perceive its position in space and organize its movements and actions. This is essential for each movement that we perform. At the physiological level, it is a constant back and forth communication between sensory receptors in the body and the nervous system that allows us to move freely without consciously thinking about our environment.

Proprioception is at the heart of our identity

It is a reflex action that we develop very early in life, from the time we make our first movements as a baby. The coordination of our gestures actually depends on the motor patterns we construct during early childhood, such as learning to walk, which does not always take place in the best possible emotional and sensory condition. As we learn to walk, depending on the stimuli our brain receives from the movement, we build in our head a “topographical” map of the different “sectors” of our body, guiding our gestures. This virtual diagram takes place three-dimensionally in the brain (up-down, right-left, front-back).

A correct representation of our body, true to the organisation of our body map, enables optimal coordination and a coherent psychomotor dynamic. This spatial orientation allows us to easily get our bearings in the surrounding space. This parameter plays an important role in the quality of our lives. Being able to identify right and left, without difficulty is a sign of balance and coordination. In fact when we are well oriented, our gestures are efficient and do not deplete our energy level. However, our individual corporeal diagram (the blueprint of the body the brain uses to command our gestures) does not always conform to anatomical reality and sometimes the architectural representation of our body is compromised with logistical errors. We then confuse high and low, right and left, and even the orientation of our joints can be affected: the hip is perceived as the knee, the ankle as wrist and so on… Confusing these functions produces short circuits that can affect our performance.

Two essential vital currents

A disturbance of proprioception and spatial orientation can create various mental and physical problems, hence the importance of dynamizing the vital currents involved in the essential faculty of spatial orientation.

Two essential vital currents are involved in spatial orientation: conception (33), and governor (34). They can be “visualized” as two highways that draw the antero-posterio axis and link the top and the bottom of the body, its front and back and connect the right and the left – defining the body 3 spatial dimensions.

They are often associated with the Master of the heart (Nutri 35/36 for female and male respectively) and Triple warmer (Nutri 37/38 for female and male respectively) involved in nervous activation and regulation, which play an important role by ensuring perception of the internal and external limits of the body, completing the conception and governor vital currents to define the body in its full dimension and spatial orientation.

With the use of Associative Nutripuncture®, a practitioner can reinforce these fundamental references for himself and be a better reference to help his patient too.

The disturbance of proprioception can, over time, lead to the manifestation of functional troubles. The practitioner can also investigate deeper issues that may develop and check the accuracy of a person’s body architecture through a series of tests.

If you feel you may suffer from a disruption of spatial orientation and proprioception, you can reach out to a practitioner in your area.

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Extracts from Nutripuncture – Stimulating the energy pathways of the body without needles by P. Veret – C. Cuomo – F. Burigana – A. Dell’Aglio.