Pregnancy and Well-Being: Balance Your 5 Senses

Every pregnancy is the unique journey of a woman into motherhood. The physiological, emotional, and psychological changes can be intense and take a toll.

Life, in general, provides enough impulses to create confusion around who we are and what we are here for. Our identity, the expression of our uniqueness, and our frame of reference get often influenced by caregivers in childhood and other key people and key events in life.

So, when a woman becomes pregnant, unconsciously, she may be on the identity of her partner, her parents, or in-laws, who have their ideas, concepts, and desires for her pregnancy and the child. Without being aware, she may be influenced by those relationship dynamics, disturbing the vital currents (energy lines) that support the pregnancy.

Morning sickness, a typical, unpleasant symptom in the first trimester of the pregnancy, is something that can easily be balanced by:

  • Rebalancing the relationship dynamic that could be disturbed and
  • Harmonizing the five senses of the mom to be

Our five senses determine how we perceive the world we live in; therefore, it makes sense that they can only provide optimal information when balanced.
Each sense and sense organ is related to a specific way of perceiving the world and to the five elements according to the healing concepts of TCM, Ayurveda, or Tibetan Medicine.
The taste (earth) relates to savoring life, the smell (air) to take in the complete essence of life, the vision (fire) to take in, recognize and envision life, the sense of hearing (water) to listen and to communicate and the touch (ether) to connect with others.

The five senses have an additional meaning related to how a woman experiences the pregnancy during the pregnancy.
The taste is related to adopting the idea of becoming a mother, “tasting” the essence of becoming a mother.
The sense of hearing is now also focused on communication with the baby and the body’s changing needs.
The sense of smell is related to inspiration, the expression of femininity, dilation, and self-confidence as a woman and mother-to-be.
The sense of sight expresses the projections and expectations a woman has about becoming a mother, her child, and how she observes the changes in the body.
The sense of touch is also related to the physical changes and establishing a connection with the baby.

In the earlier example of morning sickness, the sense of taste or hearing is likely out of balance. Hearing because it is related to the kidneys and bladder, which are related to fear.
Sometimes, one is sensitive to certain smells during pregnancy.

How would you now balance those senses? I have been working successfully with Nutripuncture to help women during pregnancy.
It’s simple and easy to manage. Once in the morning and the evening, you balance the particular sense by taking some Nutrients. At the latest, within a week, you should notice a difference.

Pregnancy isn’t about being sick. It’s about living this incredible miracle and giving life.

If you are curious to know more or want to try it, contact me. We will arrange for a session to test which senses need rebalancing. You will feel the difference instantly. These Nutris are then taken for a month to harmonize these imbalances permanently.

Listen to Antoinette Biehlmeier talk about balancing the 5 senses during pregnancy here.

Article written by Antoinette Biehlmeier

Antoinette Biehlmeier is a Holistic Practitioner and the Founder of Inner Dynamics. She has been in the holistic health industry for the last 20 years.She practices and teaches many wellbeing modalities including Nutripuncture®.


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