Physiology of the Liver

Excerpted from “Optimal Wellness” by Ralph Golan, M.D.

You can survive without your stomach or colon but you cannot live without your liver! The liver is the largest, solid organ in the body. It is located in the upper right section of the abdomen, hidden and protected under the lower part of the rib cage and extending slightly across the midline. The liver weighs approximately five pounds and uses over 12% of your total energy supply…Given that the liver operates on a dual blood supply, it is designed perfectly as the body’s primary filter/detoxification site for impurities in the blood, whether chemical, bacterial, or allergic.

In addition to its detoxification role, the liver is a primary metabolic site. It serves as a vast factory for the biosynthesis of numerous substances essential for life. It also processes most of our food, converting nutrients and other substances to their active forms and providing storage for several nutritional elements.

One unique feature of the liver is its dual blood supply – from both the portal vein and the hepatic artery. Approximately 1∏ quarts of blood flow through the liver each minute, so virtually millions of cells are at work continually processing blood.

The liver’s hepatocytes perform many tasks including the formation of bile. Anywhere from 600 to 800 milliliters of bile can be produced daily, which is secreted into the hepatic duct, which transports bile to the gallbladder, a muscular, golf ball-sized sac nestled under the liver. Bile is used, by the body, to digest fats.

You may be surprised to learn how important the liver is in regulating blood sugar levels. The liver converts glucose to glycogen, the storage form of sugar, and therefore removes excess sugar from the blood.

Restoring the liver/gallbladder with Nutripuncture associations and then sequences are very important and can have a big impact on your emotional and physical health.  Nutripuncture is one of the best ways to detoxify the liver because it restores the energy and connection in the body.  The body then naturally cleans “house” and your liver becomes healthier.  In my opinion, the liver sequence should always come before any detox program then, if you still opt for the detox, you should take the liver sequence afterward for at least five days.

We spend a lifetime building up toxins in our system from many things including stress and eating poorly. The liver is one organ that everyone should be concerned about even if they don’t feel sick.