Physical Symptoms, Emotions & Behaviors


We speak a lot about emotions and behavior, more than we discuss specific physical symptoms in the body. Why do we take this approach?

Because Nutripuncture works with the underlying reasons that our bodies become ill.

Most other health newsletters focus on diseases and physical symptoms and what supplement/food to use to get better, but there are health issues underneath the manifestation of these physical problems and they are rarely connected to the disease, but these health issues came first! They are an energetic disturbance in the body’s meridians and they show up as feelings and behaviors. These disturbances are first demonstrated as communication issues with other people and then they manifest into physical problems.

How do we get these disturbances?

We get them mostly from our environment and from our relationships. For example, if you were abused by your parents you may develop physical issues/illnesses in relation to the abuse as you get older. Most health practitioners do not recognize this, but Nutripuncture does.

By restoring the body from the actual abuse and breaking the fusional ties with the abuser, you are able to become healthier and may avoid serious physical problems such as heart imbalance.

Each environmental or relationship issue can have an impact on certain organs and functions in the body. Everything we experience in our lives leaves an imprint on the cells in our bodies and these cells keep duplicating with this disturbing information unless we give our bodies new information. This is why it is sometimes so difficult to change how we feel-it’s a cellular problem as well as an emotional one!

“Don’t worry! Be happy!” sounds like simple advice but in fact, it may be nearly impossible for some of us to accomplish this without some help because of deep trauma and/or disturbances in the body from our life experiences.

Restoring the energy in the body’s meridians is a vital key to staying healthy. No matter what physical symptom you may have, there is always an emotional, behavioral and energetic connection behind it. Recognize these connections and you will be able to take care of your health in a much more effective way.

This article is for informational purposes and is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment.

About the Author
Alexsandra Shih-Pajares is a writer, self-care coach, and holistic health practitioner who incorporates Jin Shin Jyutsu, HeartMath, Human Design, and Nutripuncture in her work. She also offers Quantum Biofeeback sessions for personal development. You can find her writing on What Therapy, a wellness portal she helms along with her own practice at Alex offers courses, workshops, and online sessions to share tools and techniques for you to build your own practice to shed the old and live as who you truly are.