Nutripuncture®: Nourishing Oral Health from Swallowing to Saliva

Nutripuncture®, a holistic approach to well-being, focuses on the energetic balance of the body’s vital currents through the use of specific sequences of trace minerals. Nutripuncture® can play a crucial role in addressing various aspects of oral health, from swallowing and mouth movements to dental amalgams, chewing musculature, periodontal surgery, and the significance of saliva. 

Swallowing is a fundamental action performed approximately 2000 times a day that involves intricate muscular coordination. Atypical swallowing patterns can lead to postural and dental imbalances. Nutripuncture® protocols bring targeted solutions to promote adult swallowing by employing specific sequences. These, not only help to position the tongue correctly, but also address issues related to postural problems, double chin, and phonation.

Mouth Mouvements & Buccal Cavity

It is possible to work on the mouth movements and the buccal cavity. Balanced chewing is promoted by synergizing osteo-muscular forces involved in mouth movements. The taste buds, associated with the 4 primary tastes (savoury, sweet, acidic and sour), can be regulated with Nutripuncture®, ensuring a balanced perception without inducing excess in taste sensations. Working on the lips, which are integral to our perception of the mouth, is an interesting work to explore.


Dental Amalgams & Detoxification

The use of amalgam fillings has raised concerns about mercury vapour poisoning. Working on dental amalgams and detoxification with Nutripuncture® can be beneficial for patients and dentists exposed to mercury vapours during dental procedures. Specific sequential Nutripuncture® addresses sensitivity to metals, regulating the omega 3 and omega 6 lipid balance essential for the central nervous system.


Chewing Musculature

The nutrition of muscles involved in mastication supports motor coordination and better articulation. Sequential Nutripuncture® designed for different muscles, such as the masseter, buccinator, and internal pterygoid muscles, plays a vital role. This intervention is particularly valuable in addressing manifestations of bruxism.


Prevention in Periodontal Surgery

Nutripuncture® can also have preventive actions for gum health by balancing their orientation and strengthening roots. Specific sequences can help prepare the patient’s tissues for potential periodontal surgery, addressing issues like bleeding and premature tooth loosening.


Strengthening Alveolar Bone and Osseointegration

Nutripuncture® can also address problems related to tooth loosening by strengthening the roots and alveolar bone. In cases of trauma or agenesis, where implants replace missing teeth, Nutripuncture® can promote osseointegration. Specific sequences help energise the host bone, enhancing the success of the implantation process.


The Role of Saliva

Finally, saliva, essential for tooth remineralization and cavity prevention, is influenced by three main glands. Specific sequences for the sublingual, submandibular, and parotid glands, can support their functionality and maintain a healthy salivary pH balance.


Proper oral hygiene and care are essential to maintain overall good oral health. Regular visits to a dentist can prevent a lot of issues. Nutripuncture®, with the use of specific protocols tailored to each individual needs, can be a great complement both on prevention and management of dental and oral health challenges.

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Nutripuncture® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is necessary to consult your medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements.