Nutripuncture®, a natural therapy using two different methods to stimulate cellular regulation


What is Nutripuncture®?

Nutripuncture® is a unique holistic and natural therapy that uses micro-nutrients to energize and balance the body vital currents and stimulate cell self-regulation .
Its foundations come from a combination of western Science and Eastern knowledge, in fields such as : the theory of complex systems, epigenetics, Chinese Medicine, quantum physics or, psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology, to name a few.
Nutripuncture® strengthens communication and cooperation of all cellular groups, thereby ensuring coherence and the psychosomatic integrity of the person.

How does Nutripuncture® work?

Its objective is to support cellular self-regulation.
It is not a treatment “against” but rather a method “to” restore cellular vitality.

Through the synergy of trace elements, called Nutri, combined according to a specific protocol, this natural therapy helps support processes at the heart of cellular life. The dosages used are neither therapeutic nor toxic, but “nutritional.” For example, a polymetallic complex contains less zinc than an apple.

Nutripuncture® works on two levels:

  • On one hand, it provides the necessary elements for the optimal dynamic of cell membranes, selective boundaries that modulate transport and regulatory balance of the cell.
  • On the other hand, it supports the harmonious circulation of electromagnetic signals conveyed by the network of “vital currents” allowing all cells of the body to exchange, in real time, vital information.

Nutripuncture® tools – The mineral complex

There are 39 mineral complexes fully biocompatible, made of trace elements synergies with emerging properties.
Each nutriment, called Nutri, supports the cell self-regulation, and so, the different organ and tissue vitality, thanks to a specific action on vital currents.

How to use the Nutri?

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang is the flagship complex of the Nutri line: by strengthening the exchanges and cellular communication. They allow each function, and the body as a whole, to regain all its vitality. When combining one or more Nutri with Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang, the polymetallic complexes deliver real-time signals to specific points in the body.

Cellular information can be energized in two different methods: 

  • Associative Nutripuncture®: by combining Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang with different Nutri (depending on the individual field) we globally re-harmonize the exchanges while dynamizing in a targeted way the weakest cell groups. Diverse examples and applications of Associative Nutripuncture® include: Blood DetoxificationFocus and ConcentrationGeneral FatigueJet LagMuscular crampsSelf-confidence
  • Sequencial Nutripuncture®: using 10 Nutri, combined in a specific sequence

Just like the words of a sentence, they deliver specific information that stimulate cognitive integration of unconscious memories, often at the specific origins of cell function alterations leading to illness.

Nutripuncture®, can support physical and psychosomatic well being. If you are interested to learn more about this natural therapy and its benefits visit  You can also experience Nutripuncture® with a practitioner. Find a practitioner near you.

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Image Source: Anusorn Nakdee