Nutripuncture Explained by Nathalie Guillaume

Dr. Nathalie Guillaume, adjunct faculty for the Graduate School of Oriental Medicine at the New York College of Health Professions, presents the benefits of Nutripuncture to reinforce cell vitality in the face of life’s stresses.


My name is Nathalie Guillaume, I am a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, licensed both in New York, as well as Hawaii. I’m here to introduce you to a groundbreaking tool, with over 40 years of scientific research in getting a person into balance in a very short period of time, mentally and physically, without the use of needles. It is called Nutripuncture®.


What is  Nutripuncture®?

Nutripuncture® was born in France in the 1980s, when a multi-disciplinary team of researchers, doctors, biologists, and physicists began the study of cellular self-regulation processes. Under the direction of Dr. Patrick Veret, a team of experts was led to find ways to support signals emitted by metals in micorportions. It uses a new generation of dietary supplements or rather informational supplements comprised of trace mineral complexes that speak directly to the body’s vital currents. This strengthens vitality, supports self-regulation.

A well-trained Nutripuncture® Practitioner is able to test the patient for the energetic location of the disturbance that could have been the cause of pathology, behaviorally, their thoughts, emotions, relationships, tissues, and organ functions. This unique form of testing can also determine and address underlying triggers of self-limiting patterns embedded in the physical, psychological, and emotional energetic bodies.

How can Nutripuncture® enhance your practice?

I’ve seen extraordinary results that have provided long-term relief from my patients. People who come to me are usually going through some type of stress, depression, a big change in their life, or trying to escape dysfunctional relationships; parents with children on the Autism spectrum, or with behavioral issues; women experiencing infertility or other OB/GYN related disorders.

The change that occurs with the patient is almost instantaneous – providing a sense of well being, feeling the release and ease of cellular integration to their body’s information and memories. There’s an instant burst of joy and inspiration. They are able to see things differently and have more insight to live a more balanced life; remove the feeling of being stuck, belittled, and all the toxic emotions that come with negative self-talk.

For example, patients experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression, may, in fact, be dealing with a lingering altering event that had caused the cascade reactions of emotions. They may still be stuck in a different psychological development of the stage. A stage they were able to use and access in a Backward Timeline Approach, as we integrate these memories instantaneously with Nutripuncture®.

Nutripuncture® is not a treatment. It is a tool offered to you in this toolbox to prived a feeling of well being and ease to your patients. It reinforces cellular regulation. It simulates the capacities of the organism to reproduce and maintain itself. It shows instant results, provides instant relief and eliminates stubborn problems that remain reluctant to other therapeutic effects.

We have an international team of global health advocates who are eager to share this modality with you. We want to help you to provide some comfort to your patients who may be experiencing difficult times especially in this period of uncertainty. We understand the importance of telemedicine, long distant healing, and the new wave of contactless technology for everyone’s practice. Sign up for a free webinar, or join a training program near you to learn how to reinforce cellular regulation and psychosomatic vitality with Nutripuncture®.

Watch the video here.