Notion of Cellular Memory

In addition to genetic information, which ensures, for example, the development of the embryo, the body keeps in memory emotional and sensory information. Those, related to the experience of each individual, are able to modulate the circulation of vital currents of the body in a particular way.

We can assume that each sector of the body is the support of countless genetic and epigenetic  memory banks, which affect the evolution and behavior of each. This cellular memory is very real and is manifested with evidence, for example, after a transplant. The strange memories, the new emotions and sensations experienced by many transplant patients after implantation of the organ of a donor, show that our organs keep in memory our lived experiences and our emotions.

On the subject of memories, one can also quote Paul Valéry, French writer and philosopher, who differentiated “resource memories” from “poison memories”. The later are the fruit  of stressful experiences, often not integrated at the conscious level. On the other hand, the first, the “resource memories”, come from integrated experiences at the cortical level, supporting proprioceptive awakening and the expression of identity.

The impact of “resource memories” and “poison memories” on organic dynamics, specifically on that of the immune and colonial spheres, is a fascinating field of investigation. Indeed, the enteric brain is the deepest recipient, where the tissues’ memories of embryonic life fix themselves.

All these recorded memories will imprint at the cellular level, through a codified language, in the form of electromagnetic impulses that travel throughout the body, via vital currents.

Many studies, conducted by various enteric brain researchers, have shown that there is an axis of communication, which connects the belly to the head, and gives to our actions, apparently logical, a very visceral component. If this explains why our behavior can at times be irrational, it also demonstrates that our thinking brain is, in turn, deeply conditioned by physiological processes.

Research in Nutripuncture® have permitted to discover the language used to code cellular information in the body. Thanks to trace minerals, combined in a very specific way, It is now possible to access the deep information at the root of physical and psychosomatic disturbances.

Image Source: Pixabay