Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Sammy Khorchid

The “Meet the Practitioner” Series takes you around the world to meet wellness practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture®.

In this Interview, the 9th in the series, we meet Sammy Khorchid, who shares his experiences and how he has been integrating Nutripuncture® in his health and wellness practice to help his clients for the last 22 years.

Nutripuncture®: How long have you been practicing and using Nutripuncture®?
Sammy: It’s been about 22 years since I first started using Nutripuncture® and I begin taking classes after one week of using it. I started working with my friends with associations right away, but began practicing professionally about 17 years ago.

Nutripuncture®: How will you briefly describe Nutripuncture®?
Sammy: Well, I would first say as an introduction to Nutripuncture®, is that simplistically put it’s acupuncture in a pill. I know Dr. Veret doesn’t like this particular description but it really sums it up and it’s most simplistic form and relates to something most people know or at least are aware of.

Of course, Nutripuncture® is much more complex than that. It is a whole new science of healing based on the vital currents of the body. The discoveries in Nutripuncture® have ultimately created the ultimate Biohacking healing modality. It gives the user/student/personal practitioner the tools and awareness of how the body works in connection with emotions,  behaviors and physical states as well as the tools to heal the disturbances we have at the deepest levels.  The result being an experience of life, with full vitality and awareness; in essence, to live life in 3-D.

Nutripuncture®: What was your first experience with Nutripuncture®?
Sammy: My first experience, 22 years ago, occurred during a session I received in California by one of the practitioners. One of my biggest issues at the time was shyness. I had difficulty even looking people in the eye when I spoke with them. The practitioner picking up on that, gave me a small association;Yin – Yang and kidney and bladder. Immediately, I didn’t know why, but I looked at the practitioner in the eyes. I remember being comfortable doing that, and it was an experience that I had not had in a while. It was like a sigh of relief. I took that small Association for the next week and I noticed I had more energy, more confidence, more mental clarity, better sleep, and overall being more comfortable in my body. It was after the first weeks that I knew there was something to this and began taking classes. Since then I have dedicated my life to continue learning this.

Nutripuncture®: Is that what made you decide to start practicing?
Sammy: I’ve always been interested in natural medicines, and I always enjoyed finding natural remedies to help my friends with their health issues.  It was a natural fit to have something so powerful, which addresses so many health issues that I could share with others.

Nutripuncture®: Do you use Nutripuncture alone or do you combine it with other modalities?
Sammy: Nutripuncture® is not the only modality I use. I work with herbal remedies, nutrition, and some essential oils and homeopathy.

My first choice, when working with herbal formulas is to use Activa, which are developed by the same doctor, who discovered Nutripuncture®. They are the top formulas in the world, but if they don’t have something I need, I’ll use the next best thing. The great thing about Nutripuncture® is that it modulates cellular function so whatever else you’re doing as a therapy is greatly improved by the use of Nutripuncture®.

Nutripuncture®: Can you share a life changing experience you had with one of your clients using Nutripuncture®?
Sammy: There are countless experiences that I can share from stopping an asthma attack instantly to having a woman be able to enjoy sex again after having a traumatic experience to even pulling someone out of a bad drug experience. This following experience was one that stands out.

I had a client who suffered from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. When I had met her, she had been on SSRIs for over two years. The year before I met her, she tried to come off of her antidepressants, and within two weeks, her suicidal thoughts returned. She went back on her antidepressants as she did not have any other choices at the time. When I met her, she had been off of her antidepressants for about two weeks, and she shared with me that her suicidal thoughts had returned. I put her on a protocol of Nutripuncture® and some herbal formulas. A week later we did a check in.

It was actually quite a funny conversation because I asked her how she was feeling, and she said good. I said, “have you noticed anything different?“ She said no. I said, have you been depressed at all? She said no. I said, have you had any suicidal thoughts. She thought for a minute and said no. This result is an interesting dynamic of using Nutripuncture® because it’s hard to notice what didn’t happen. When one is balanced, we’re not even paying attention to the negative thoughts anymore because they’re not there. We simply feel good. Part of the work, and Nutripuncture® is to notice when there’s a shift. She just felt well. Kind of like a fish in water.

Nutripuncture®: Can you share a very simple tip to use Nutripuncture® in a very basic way?
Sammy: If you’re on a sequence protocol, remember to do associations. They cover a wide area to give the body a general cellular regulation. People tend to forget how powerful they are, including myself. It’s only when I return to them that I remember how much balance they give me. Sequences, of course, are extremely powerful, but they’re extremely specific and only target one point of information. Also, with sequences, it’s essential to do them consistently until you’re done with your protocol; at least once a day. This builds the balanced reference for that issue on a cellular level in a way that truly affects change where needed.

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