Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Pavla Williams

This Interview is the 5th episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are running. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.

Nutripuncture: How long have you been practicing and using Nutripuncture®?

Pavla: I have first come across Nutripuncture when living in Singapore, a friend invited me to a free talk about this “new modality”, it sounded intriguing so I went. I have quickly realized this modality is something very special there and then.
Since that occasion, first myself and then the rest of my family. We have been using Nutripuncture for over 8 years and I have been practicing on and off since I certified as a practitioner in 2012.

Nutripuncture: How will you briefly describe Nutripuncture®?

Pavla: Nutripuncture to me is a tool of getting a person into balance in a very short period of time, mentally and physically.

By neutralizing traumas and stressful experiences from childhood or any event in the past, we can open up a lot of new possibilities for people.

For example, someone with PTSD, phobias, lack of self-confidence and such,  would be making a lot of decisions in life, based on their trauma/experience.

Perhaps not going out of their home much, refusing to be part of society, not being able to do what they used to love to do, perhaps experiencing a change in their personality.
Most of these decisions would be based on their subconscious mind, they might be able to rationalize how they came to their decisions, but not able to change them. OCD, perfectionism, and hoarding come to mind, it is so strong the person is aware of it being an issue in their life – but not being able to do anything about it themselves.

Nutripuncture can neutralize the trauma, so they would not be driven by their traumatic experiences anymore. We can only imagine how much potential would open up for each person in their life if they focused on clearing up their traumatic experiences or stresses. And that is extremely exciting about Nutripuncture.
The possibilities are endless.

Nutripuncture: What was your first experience with Nutripuncture®?

Pavla: When I joined the demonstration about Nutripuncture in November 2011 I was amazed by the effectiveness of the modality. My lower back pain vanished within a moment of taking a few tiny pills. Other attendees have experienced similar miraculous relief from their ailments.

Nutripuncture: Is that what made you decide to start practicing?

Pavla: I was very fortunate to be part of the Nutripuncture group first as a sort of a “guinea pig”, a person who students would practice their skills on whilst learning testing techniques.

It was apparent to me from attending these group sessions, that I was not as balanced and on my “identity” as an individual as I have previously thought. I wasn’t in a very good place mentally.
Thanks to each session I was accessing more of myself, more of my consciousness. I started to feel better physically and mentally and religiously continued to take the Nutripuncture sequences and associations suggested by the student group.
When the new set of courses was announced in 2012 I signed up to study Nutripuncture and get certified.

Valerie: Can you share a life-changing experience you had with one of your clients using Nutripuncture®
Pavla: There are quite a few interesting stories, but one that springs in mind strongly is that of a woman, who has not been allowed to sleep at night as her son, then 8 years old has been coming to her bed every night at 2-3 AM and waking her. She was exhausted from this of course. She came to me with lots of other issues, considering the night disturbances as secondary problems really… We have worked on her relationships, mainly with her son and the way he was born (traumatizing birth for both), how he behaves around her and herself around him.
We found some interesting points in the way they interacted. She has taken some sequences during the session and the relationship dynamics were apparent to her, it was amazing how much her voice changed and her son also behaved differently.
She contacted me the next day amazed beyond belief! She slept all night without being woken up by her boy :)
In her case, acknowledging what was happening in her relationship with him and needed to be worked on energetically was a big step to making the change, and thanks to this she experienced shifts quite quickly.

Nutripuncture: What are the main aspects you focus on?

Pavla: People who come to me are usually going through some sort of stress, depression, a big change in their life, or have dysfunctional relationships. Parents with children on the autism spectrum or with behavioral issues.

I haven’t got a specialty in my practice and I believe it is not really necessary as with our testing in Nutripuncture we can all access the specific personal needs. However, if we base this on the law of attraction, I think every practitioner brings to the table a different point of view, different personal experience from their own life – and that energy would attract a certain type of client…

I do believe people come across our information for a reason and if they follow the sign and come to us for help, it is because we have similar experience in the past ourselves, or we have practiced on the very issue with other people before, and are therefore in a great position to help.

Although I have not been practicing Nutripuncture for quite some time, it is not just a modality to me, it has become a way of life, I use aspects of it in daily life, in my observation of others, myself, my family’s health. It is a wonderful life tool.

Nutripuncture: Can you share a very simple tip to use Nutripuncture® in a very basic way?

Pavla: Do you mean if someone was to purchase Nutris for their own use? I would recommend for them to get a box of Nutris and a Nutripuncture booklet – that would be an amazing tool to have at home for daily use…

The booklet has useful tips that can help ease stomach aches, headaches, toothaches, fatigue, and so on…

Mainly I would recommend this as most people are leading fast, maybe quite stressful lives, and taking what we call associative Nutripuncture daily helps to support their whole system strengthens them physically and mentally…

So yes to simplify, either to purchase a full kit with a booklet for home use – this is a useful first aid for anyone, or to seek a Nutripuncture practitioner who can help guide them long term and recommend simple associations to achieve more balance in their lives.

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