Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Michelle Nai

The “Meet the Practitioner” Series takes you around the world to meet wellness practitioners and hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture®.

In this Interview, the 10th in the series, we meet Michelle Nai, a former lawyer and founder of Soleus, a holistic wellness practice that believes in aligning mind, body, and spirit through aromatherapy and holistic modalities.

Nutripuncture®: How long have you been practicing and using Nutripuncture®?
Michelle: I have been using Nutripuncture® since 2014 – I haven’t realized it’s almost ten years now! I immediately signed up for the Nutripuncture® workshop after I heard about it during a break in the Reiki seminar I was attending. Nutripuncture® was being used by my Reiki teacher, Keven Duff. She was impressed by it and was certain that it could help with the health crisis that I was going through at the time. It certainly helped me get through all of that and more. I qualified as a practitioner in 2020.

Nutripuncture®: How will you briefly describe Nutripuncture®?
Michelle: Nutripuncture® is like acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine but without needles! It is a very gentle modality that uses micro-minerals in tablet form to stimulate the energetic meridians in the body. First and foremost, it has the ability to restore health and vitality by addressing health issues from chronic eczema to insomnia. Secondly and importantly, to regain a sense of self. Sometimes we lose ourselves in stressful situations. It becomes like wearing tinted glasses. Nutripuncture® helps to wipe the tint away and allows us to see things more clearly, be in our own energies, and respond to the stress from an authentic place. Very often, the stress is minimized as a result.

Nutripuncture®: Is that what made you decide to start practicing?
Michelle: Using Nutripuncture® myself and practicing it as a therapist are two very different things! (laughs) Practising Nutripuncture® meant that it would be a step up, in terms of responsibility to a client and sharing this wonderful modality. And it also meant being part of a supportive and experienced Nutripuncture® community that is committed. The learning is at a different level.

Nutripuncture®: Do you use Nutripuncture® alone or do you combine it with other modalities?
Michelle: I use Nutripuncture® as a standalone modality.

Nutripuncture®: Can you share a life-changing experience you had with one of your clients using Nutripuncture®?
Michelle: In Nutripuncture®, a “sequence” is a group of ten Nutripuncture® tablets taken in a specific order to address physical and even emotional issues. Sometimes all it takes is just that one sequence that can address emotional underlying issues that have been buried for years. Amazing. There were issues and past hurts in the friendship, and X had been carrying the burden for a while, not knowing what was really happening and how he should respond. After assessing the relationship dynamic, he was given a Nutripuncture® sequence in relation to that specific dynamic. After that, he had an entirely new perspective on the situation. He realized exactly why his friend had acted the way he did, and X was able to come to a new understanding. He was also able to process the whole situation and reached a closure around it. It was a very profound realization that could not have happened without Nutripuncture®.

Nutripuncture®: Can you share a very simple tip to use Nutripuncture® in a very basic way?
Michelle: Just using the basic two Yin and Yang tablets will help you to feel calmer and balanced during a very busy day. If my sensitive sinuses start to act up, it calms them down almost right away after taking these two tablets, and the sniffling stops. I hardly drive, but when I do, I always take Yin and Yang before I start the journey – it just helps me navigate my vehicle better and avoid scrapes!

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