Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Lawrence Hoppis

This Interview is the 8th episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are running. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.


Hi, my name is Lawrence Hoppis and I’m a traditional naturopath with 28 years of experience in offices in Northern and Southern California. I had training at the International College of Naturopathy and an internship with Dr. Rudolph Waiton, a Nobel prize-winning Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Homeopath, and Osteopath in Los Gatos California. Following my internship and residency I instructed in a Stanford and Beijing University program of East-West medicine at Five Branches Institute. During this time I discovered one of the most phenomenal healing systems anybody’s ever seen – Nutripuncture®. I’m here today to talk to you about cellular re-regulation, and the healing potential it has for your practice.

Lawrence’s journey

Before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit more about my journey. I started nutritionally learning the standard in nutritional care. Healing was okay with nutrition, but a lot of times people that heal through nutrition, don’t heal all the way. The underlying problems that are in their bodies are not nutritional and since nutrition isn’t the cause of the problem, nutrition cannot fix the problem. After that, I started working with herbology. Herbs have a lot more therapeutic properties than nutritionals, and using those we could actually force the body in different healing directions, through the catabolic and anabolic mechanisms of cleansing or rebuilding as well as other processes and various different bioenergetics that people are able to infuse the herbs with.

That got me interested in the signatures of cells and organs and tissues, and opened the door for me to understand homeopathy and way that you could treat through energetic signatures causing spontaneous things to rise up and heal; and giving a way to provoke systems to cleanse and regenerate. Around that time, a colleague invited me to experience a Nutripuncture® seminar with Dr. Patrick Veret. I can’t really describe the energy in the room when Patrick, the founder of Nutripuncture® healing system, stood in front of us. He looked at every one of us, one by one, and said “Every one of you is completely unique. In the whole world, there’s no one like you.” And then he said, “You’ve disturbed yourself deeply in order to be completely unique.”

At that point, I started to understand the higher healing system of individual disturbance. Dr. Veret went on to elucidate to us identity which included gender expression and passages of time, life and cycles, of seasons and so on. He went to talk to us about the language of the living cells themselves inside of our bodies and the way that those cells store the information of our life experiences. He said that the work of our life is to examine, heal, process and integrate the disturbances that are within us so that it is as if we had never had them in the first place.

Dr. Veret’s work and discovery

In his pioneering work, Dr. Veret discovered the alphabet and language that the living cells inside the body articulate themselves through. Now, this is very different from biochemistry. We’re not talking about neurochemicals and hormones, but every cell in the body has a high-speed informational network running through the proprioceptive system, and the aquaporins into the cells. These include lightwave photonic information, electromagnetic signaling information, and water information. This is a very advanced topic that I want to get into with you later, but now let me take you back in time a little bit.

George Lakovsky, the Russian Biophysicist, was studying vibrational effects on the cells – and this was very fascinating and breakthrough information that people’s cells could be spoken to with vibration. This was picked up by the Harvard Medical School Department of Biophysics. Although we know epigenetics today as it is a very common concept, in the mid-1980s, it was just being discovered by the Nobel prize winner, Barbara McClintock.

There were also the schools of homeopathy and Eastern Medicine that were coming to the forefront of pioneering knowledge about the cells. This was also the discovery of the proprioceptive system, a system of the fascia tissues of the body that propagates information at light speed throughout the body. You can almost imagine a skin suit that an actor wears that has all the different points on it that they can then go and put any costume they want onto them.

This system is the one that lets you close your eyes and feel where your hands and limbs are, even if you can’t see them. This system is the high-speed network of the body that is carrying the tissue and organ information of the whole body to every cell. It’s like a party-line – every cell in the body is listening to the information of the kidneys, every cell is listening to the informational of the liver, every cell in the body is listening to the information of the heart.

In 1986, Dr. Patrick Veret combined his research into all of this seminal work and reconstituted it into an incredible system called Nutripuncture®; which is not a treatment system, but a system of re-regulation of cellular vitality that helps each individual cell of the body to come back to normal from disturbances that are stored in the cellular membrane – restoring epigenetic expression, full cellular vitality, and informational exchange.

Think about it this way, if each person is unique entirely in their bodies, what is it that makes us unique? What makes us unique are the unique sets of disturbances. Each one of us has a signaling difference in the way that things are connected. Some things might be cross-connected, some things might be openly connected, some ossified, some occluded, some catarrhal and so on. With the Nutripuncture healing system, you can not-only sort out all these connections, but you can start to speak somatic information directly back into the body – the same way you would through a movement therapy or an acupuncture session but in a much more nuanced fashion.

This is a home system where each individual person can give themselves in a session the cellular information they need to produce the balance and re-regulation of their cellular vitality and revitalization of their whole informational system. In my practice, I have to say there hasn’t been a more exciting product or discovery for the last 25 years. I’ve had the chance to work successfully with a lot of women’s endocrine and women’s healing through profound layers of psychological, emotional, biophysical, psychosomatic, and fully somatic healing through the Nutripuncture® healing system.

What is Nutripuncture®?
Nutripuncture® is a set of 39 nutriments. They come in a kit and have numbers on them that are uniquely tuned for each individual system of the body – kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, etc. When you chew and swallow one of these nutriments, information streams through the meridians in your mouth, down through your proprioceptive system, and straight into the target cell pathway. It’s rapid – it’s immediate, and it’s specific. It restores and vitalizes that particular conduit of information to restore cellular regulation and also can be given to help re-regulate entire sub-systems as well as the individual circuits.

How does this exactly work?

Patrick Veret discovered that certain combinations of very small amounts of trace minerals could actually be connected electrically in circuit, and thereby generate a small signal. We’re talking about such small amounts that you would have to chew 10 nutris to get just the amount of minerals you get in eating an apple – about a tenth of an apple’s worth of minerals, able to send out a tangible and palpable signal into the body’s proprioceptive system and layer, energizing that cell’s membrane and restoring cellular re-regulation and vitality.

Through certain combinations of these nutris, we can speak a word to the body’s informational system that can solve an entire life problem like death, or origin, or body or cycle of life. There are well over four-thousand sequences and they cover literally all aspects of human development, relationship, disturbance and existence. Beyond this, there are sequences for healing traumas. These are some of the things that we can address.

I want to talk to you about a typical session that someone might have walking into my office. I speak to them and I listen to the sound of their voice. Based on the sound of their voice, I am able to tell if they are on their identity. If they’re not, then they are susceptible to having other problems come up for them; and by them moving onto their own identity via Nutripuncture®, are able to present themselves in a way that not only removes symptoms, but profoundly provokes new healing responses inside their body. This has got to be one of the most intensely exciting discoveries in healing of all time.

People in their practices are literally able to gain control over the epigenetic expression of their being, restoring their imbalances immediately and working through the stored physical traumas of their soma and expression. I need to emphasize that Nutripuncture® is not a treatment because there is no medicine, or pharmacology, or drug involved. To me, the exciting thing about the Nutripuncture healing system is that I can assess exactly what’s disturbed in a person’s meridian and information system of their body at a somatic level.

The rapidity and specificity of this method of findings, along with the ability to provide an immediate and palatable pathway towards self-restoring for renewing undisturbed expression is entirely unique and supportive in an unparalleled way. Patients and clients can take their sequences home with them and give themselves the same information as often as they need. After a sufficient period of taking the information, their system normalizes to a restored state.

When we work in a Nutripuncture® healing session, we’re not only assessing the cellular vitality information, but we’re also looking at the water pores – the aquaporins of the cells themselves, and the wavelengths of the photonic body as well, so we can assess all these very advanced arenas within healing need and give each person an individualized and entirely unique restorative system. Nutripuncture® is entirely safe for pregnant and lactating people, children, and elderly people. It has zero interactions with medications or other supplements because it’s operating on a solely informational basis.

The Nutripuncture® healing system is both easy to learn and applicable to all practices and modalities. It doesn’t matter what kind of practitioner you are, you can begin today to use the Nutripuncture® healing system with your clients and patients. We have upcoming trainings scheduled this summer and would love to have your participation. Hoping you will be in touch for an introduction to this phenomenal work and looking forward to the chance to learn more about your practice and challenges in the days to come.

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