Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Keven Duff

This Interview is the 2nd episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are running. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.

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Keven has a background in Biochemistry and Biomedical Anthropology and is a Nutripuncture® practitioner for many years. During this interview, we discuss what attracted her to Nutripuncture®, she shares one of her client’s success stories and her experience as a teacher.

Nutripuncture: Good morning everyone and welcome to the second edition of the Meet the Practitioner Series. Today I have the great pleasure to welcome Ms. Keven Duff. Keven is a teacher and practitioner in Reiki and also in Nutripuncture®, and she comes all the way from Hong Kong. She’s going to share with us her experience with Nutripuncture®. So thank you very much and welcome, Keven.

Keven: Thank you, Valerie. It’s really lovely to be here.

Nutripuncture:  Keven, you have a scientific background, and can you tell me more about your story and how you came about to practice Nutripuncture®?

Keven: My background is actually in Biochemistry and Biomedical Anthropology. Throughout my life, I have been interested in health, particularly complementary health. The main thing that I do is teach Reiki seminars. We have many people who come to those classes who have very serious health issues, and the result of that is I’m always studying other modalities to see if there is anything that might be additional support to help with those people. Quite a few years ago, I guess it’s almost 9 years ago when you first introduced Nutripuncture® to Singapore, I was in that very first class – I took that class.

Nutripuncture: What attracted you to Nutripuncture®?

Keven: I have to say that initially, certainly, it interested me – the Nutripuncture® – but I wasn’t that impressed with it. I didn’t have any personal experiences which were life-changing at that point, and one of the modalities I’ve studied is Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. So initially, I was using Nutripuncture® as a form of acupuncture, as we know we sometimes call Nutripuncture® “acupuncture without needles”.

Nutripuncture:  That’s correct…

Keven: So when clients would come to me, in addition to what I was already doing, I might give them a bit of Nutripuncture® to support in that way. But it was about a year after that, that I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Patrick Veret, the Founder of Nutripuncture®, and it’s through him that I began to see a bigger picture with Nutripuncture®, and really understand the power and potential behind Nutripuncture®.

Nutripuncture: Can you share a positive personal experience you had with Nutripuncture®?

Keven: Specifically, he worked with me personally to help address the issue that I had never been able to overcome no matter what I did, and that was the death of my mother when I was 17 years of age. Actually, at that time when my mother died, I said I died too. And for the next 30 years, I was never able to resolve that grief and mourning that I felt. When I would talk about my mother, I would feel myself choke up a little bit and I was very tearful. As soon as Dr. Veret met me, he was “Ohh this is not correct!” so he began to work with me and I really didn’t understand what he was doing at that time, but the result was that I was finely and completely free of all of that grief, all of that mourning. I could correctly recognize the death of my mother. It was at that point that I began to understand the true value that Nutripuncture® holds.

Nutripuncture: Was this when you decided to study?

Keven: So I started to study with a lot more interest. I went to other levels and I took every possible opportunity to learn as much as I could about Nutripuncture®. And I began to use it on these other levels with my clients. Although I’ve studied something like 200 different modalities over the years, I’d look for certain things with modalities and they tend to become the ones I like the most. So I look for modalities that are fast, extremely effective, have consistent results, work with a wide number of people over a wide range of issues. Nutripuncture® fits all of those criteria from my point of view.

Nutripuncture: How does Nutripuncture® complete the other modalities you practice?

Keven: I just feel that Nutripuncture® fulfills a block that nothing else fills in. What I mean by that is, for example, Reiki is life force energy, and of course, that’s fundamental to everything. Without life force energy, healing simply can’t take place. But where Nutripuncture® fits is that it provides the blueprint where the underline information and self-regulation of the vital currents of the body. It’s like updating your software programs or downloading an improved blueprint. I don’t think there is any other modality that really does that, as fast as effectively in such a targeted way as Nutripuncture® does.

Keven: The other thing that I really liked about Nutripuncture® is that it is not just emotional. Yes, it works fantastically to help us to digest some of the traumas that we might experience in life – miscarriage, death, an abortion, a divorce, perhaps a rape – things like that. I’ve worked with many clients to help them to resolve those issues so that they can fully digest them; learn whatever lessons they need to learn from them, and then move on with freedom. This appeals to my scientific background, we can use Nutripuncture® to very specifically and pointedly address a lack of information within the body or a faulty blueprint. Perhaps our blueprint has been distorted within inherit – a good blueprint, or it may be that life event that has caused a problem with the blueprint, like a big accident, or something about surgery. I enjoy working with Nutripuncture® because we become a little bit like detectives, and we’re always looking at where does that information is missing. With Nutripuncture®, it’s not “guessing”. We can actually test, find out if a person has good information or not, if they don’t then through the Nutripuncture® we have the potential to restore the blueprint.

Nutripuncture: Can you share one of your client’s success stories?

Keven: To share an example of that with you, years ago I was teaching one of the 1st class in Australia, and we had a gentleman and I know he is comfortable with me sharing his name, his name is “Trevor”. He is in the 70s, he came to the class, and it was clear that there was something not right with Trevor. His voice was very weak. He was very hunched over. He looked like he was very uncomfortable in his body. So I asked him what was going on. And what he shared is that his doctor has diagnosed very severe osteoporosis. In fact, his doctor has warned him that any fall or blow, he could break the bone – it was that severe. And he said shortly after that, he was out running in his bike and he was brought sided by a car and was thrown many meters in the air, and he had multiple broken bones. He was hospitalized for some time after that. He had a lot of pain and it was very difficult for him; the healing was slow. So when he came to the class, he was still responding to that, so the first thing that came to my mind was a sequence that Dr. Veret recommends most people take at some point, it’s called Bone Trauma, and Bone Trauma releases a shock in the system. Now that can be some emotional shocks, but also very much physical shocks. Not just shock to the bone but to the system as a whole. Things like a whiplash, dentistry, forceps delivery as a child, various falls and blows we might experience over the course of a lifetime. So that came into my mind that I give it to Trevor, and immediately when he took it, he suddenly straightened up and his voice became very resonant, everybody in the class was stunned – and even he was stunned. He couldn’t believe the difference that took place in his body. He liked Nutripuncture® after that. He got very convinced and he came to see me as a private client and we worked with various sequences to support his healing process. But one of the things that he tested – that he really needed – was better bone information. We have a sequence called  “Bone Nutrition” which restores that healthy information – so bones know how to be healthy bones. Trevor took that sequence for about 3 months. He told me that about a year later, he had to go back to the doctor for something. While he was there, his doctor said “Let’s do another scan and see how much you have deteriorated.” The doctor was a little bit negative about it because Trevor had refused all the medications the doctor wanted to give him, but he didn’t wanna take them. The doctor had the original diagnosis. After the scan, the doctor came back and he said, “You must have been eating tons of cheese, yogurt, and dairy.” And Trevor in fact, had not changed his diet. He was on the same diet and not really made any major lifestyle changes. What he said to me was the only thing that was different was he’d taken Nutripuncture®. There was a measurable increase in his bone density. We even had the scans and the information about that. Now he told me, it was a year after that, that he had to go back to the doctor again and had another scan, and he had further increase in his bone density.

Nutripuncture: Wow, that’s amazing…

Keven: So once, the body has a very good blueprint, it has the potential to restore itself. For some people the issues are very straightforward, things get cleaned up very rapidly, the healing is really very rapid. For other people, it is a very complex situation, it’s built up through a lifetime. It’s like unraveling a tangled ball of thread, and sometimes we will do this bit, and that bit, and we need to keep exploring until we find the exact kit? which will turn things around.

Nutripuncture: Can you share your experience as a Nutripuncture® teacher?

Keven: There are very few fully native English-speaking Nutripuncture® teachers and so it was after a while I recognized there is really a great need for that if Nutripuncture® is going to be spreading into the English-speaking world. In fact one of the most common questions that I get from people is, “If Nutripuncture® is so wonderful, why have I not heard of it before?” and my response to that is very simple, “There wasn’t a lot that was translated into English.”, and so people in the English speaking world don’t know about it. Whereas in France, in Italy, it is much more widely recognized – even the government recognizes it in Italy. Because there was that lack that’s why I decided that I was willing to begin to teach. We have students that come from every possible background coming to Nutripuncture®. There are health professionals; we have medical doctors take the training; we have had nurses take the training; physios take the training. But a lot of people who come are housewives, people who are retired, younger people – we have had teenagers come to the class and just wanted to support the family. You don’t have to have any kind of science or medical background to be able to do the Nutripuncture®. There are a couple of basic classes. Once people take those two basic classes, in fact at that point, they will be equipped to support themselves or their family members with any symptoms, whether it is an emotional symptom or a physical symptom. They can support themselves and others.

Keven: Yeah, the other thing which is also exciting about Nutripuncture® is how fast it is. Truly, I don’t know any modality that’s as instantaneous as Nutripuncture®. To give you an example of this, I had a free lecture here in Singapore, and I was asking for volunteers. A man came up and I asked him what did he want to work on, and he shared that he had broken his arm about a year previously. It healed well, he had physio, but he said every time he turns the hand, there is still pain. So I asked exactly where, and he pointed to a place. Because I do know some of the meridian pathways, I recognized that was on the lung meridian. So I gave him Yin and Yang, which is a general cell regulator and I gave him the Nutri 20 which is for the lung meridian. I asked him to check again. He was going “But it will take time..”, and I said, “No just check.” Then he turns [his hand] and he was like, “Ohh I can’t believe all the pain is gone!” It’s hard for people to take in that we are energetic and Nutripuncture® is working on the energy aspects of the body. The energy from the human point of view, the electromagnetic energy,  it’s instantaneous information, so it’s incredibly fast. You don’t have to wait. There is not a long delay. You know pretty quickly if this was a good choice, not a good choice, and so on. I like that aspect of it.

Nutripuncture: What is a key element of Nutripuncture®?

Keven: Nutripuncture® focuses on cellular communication, and specifically, in the vitality of the cell membranes. Because the cell membranes are the doorway into the cell – you know we receive the nutrition and oxygen into the cell and also discharging waste, but the cellular membrane also emits light and electromagnetic energy and it’s part of the communication system of the body. The cells talk to one another; they need to work in harmony. So under stress, our cell membranes, that little electrical charge or potential on the cell membrane is often not optimal. With Nutripuncture®, we can turn those cell membranes on very, very quickly. We can also find out if someone is having good cellular vitality or they’re not. Something I think is very important to anybody’s healing process or well-being is to restore proper cellular membrane charges and vitality. When we do that, often people find that immediately their energy level comes up. Their immune system functions better. They are more alert. Their brain gets switched on. Anyone who is energy sensitive usually notices an instantaneous change when you do that. Now not everybody has equal sensitivity, so I can’t say possibly everybody is aware of that, but many, many people notice the change as soon as you get the cell membrane oscillating and vibrating in a great way. So that to me is a really key thing with Nutripuncture®, and we have a very simple association that allows us to guarantee the cells are oscillating well. We sometimes call it “The Joker”, and it is Yin Yang, the general nutritional cell regulator plus the conception and governor vessels 33 and 34, the first meridian pathways which appear in the embryo, and the most steady and most essential of the meridian pathways. Then 2, we call “Master of the heart and triple heater. There are 35 and 37 for women, 36 and 38 for men, and they are about regulating our limits. Our limits in interacting with others, interacting with the environment, our ability to say no, to have proper limits inside of our bodies. That means limits as well in terms of stress and how we handle stress and feeling overwhelmed. So it restores us to feel centered, having better limits, and switches those cell membranes on. I like that very much. That’s very simple, very straightforward, and very easy for people to use.

Nutripuncture: What association works the best for you?

Keven: The best feedback that I get from all associations is probably jet lag. Of course, we are in Asia – many people are traveling, and many people experience jet lag. There’s a lot of things that people try for jet lag, but pretty consistently, I hear from people when they do the jet lag association, it’s like magic. They feel fantastic when they are traveling. No matter how far, how long, how many countries they are visiting. Jet lag makes a real difference for them. So jet lag is Yin Yang, and it’s 27 for the thyroid which helps us to insert in current time; and then for women we add the uterus which is our anchor to the earth in our location, it’s number 28 or for man, it’s 21 for prostate. So we can be in the current time, in the current place, no matter where we are, no matter how frequent we are traveling.

Nutripuncture: Well, thank you very much Keven for sharing so much of your knowledge. It is fascinating to listen to you. And we’re very happy to have you here. Thank you, again!

Keven: Thank you for inviting me. I love Nutripuncture®. I think it is a great system. I’ve worked with hundreds of people and I see extraordinary results – very consistent and excellent results. So I’m very happy to share some of my experiences with you.

Valerie:  Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next time in another edition of Meet the Practitioner.

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