Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Christopher Chua

This Interview is the 3rd episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are running. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.

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Nutripuncture: Hi everyone! I’m very pleased to welcome you today to a new edition of Meet The Practitioner. Today I’m meeting Christopher Chua.

Christopher Chua: Oui!

Nutripuncture: Hi Christopher!

Christopher Chua: Hello, welcome to my studio!

Nutripuncture: Yes thank you very much! So, Christopher is from Pilates Body Pilot. We are in your studio today, your Pilates studio. And we are very pleased to meet you to discuss a little bit about your experience in Nutripuncture®.

Christopher: Welcome to my studio. Thank you for having me.

Nutripuncture: When did you encounter Nutripuncture®?

Christopher:  Well, before my certification about 18 months ago, I was invited to this talk and Dr. Patrick Veret was in Singapore back then. And then in the talk, there was a lady in the class who had severe knee problems.
He was asking very…very… to me at that point was very strange questions…about when did the pain start, and did she live alone, and we found there were mental-emotional issues that led to the pain. And then he gave some numbers of the Nutripuncture®, and within 2 minutes, the pain subsided from a 7 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10. And from my practitioner’s eyes, she was walking like a duck. Then after taking the Nutris, she walked nearly perfectly. So at that time, I was thinking I was amazed at how could that system work within 2 minutes. Whereas in a pure physiotherapy way, it takes about a few sessions.
Here it takes in front of my eyes, in 2  minutes…2 to 10 minutes. Voila!

Nutripuncture: So that was really a…

Christopher: An eyeopener.. and immediately I asked Dr. Veret. Can we discount placebo? Then he said… To this day I can still remember, you cannot discount placebo, 20 to 30% is involved. But the thing is the more I practice Nutripuncture®, the more I’m amazed at what you can do and how the system works in the body and then through the body via the mind, the mental-emotional system.

Nutripuncture: So that’s basically the day you decided that you wanted to incorporate this into your practice right?

Christopher: Yeah..because I was thinking, if I can do Nutripuncture® in Pilates rehab or sports conditioning, I would get better results faster, and then you get faster results and clearer approach, and then not just faster but a deeper sense of pain relief and just general well being. Clarity of thought and then the way they move, the way they express themselves, it’s an amazing process.

Christopher: I remember doing the course with Keven and she told me that because I am a practitioner, I have to get my muscles and my bones, identification, and recognition in place. If not, I will cause disturbance to the client. Every time before I see the client, I will test myself, whether I’m in my own identity. I self-muscle test. If I’m not in my own identity, my arms get weak, I will quickly take the joker.

Nutripuncture: That’s good!

Christopher: Because I feel it causes a shift in me, not just because of my identity, but more importantly the confidence in me comes out.

Nutripuncture: Oh so you notice when you work on yourself before a session, you feel better? You feel a shift.

Christopher: Yes because sometimes, you come to people who… they suck your blood. So you have to create a space there. Or sometimes before I know I may see a potentially challenging client, I take the joker to create a space – a buffer zone. So that I don’t get emotionally affected.

Nutripuncture: So that’s what you would do; you would take the joker which is Yin Yang, 33, 34 35/36 37/38 – Conception – Governor and Master of heart – Triple warmer… sort of putting yourself on your axis, and also boundaries?

Christopher: So that they don’t affect my boundaries and I don’t get affected by them.

Christopher: Many times I see scoliosis, and severe scoliosis, and again if it’s just a pure pilates way of approach, it’s very slow. So again we give the Conception – Governor, and you can see the typical .. “oh I feel the difference”..” I feel my spine has tinkle..I feel lighter”.

Nutripuncture: So they’d take associations there again. You don’t give them the sequence of the Conception Governor..

Christopher: Like again. Here we do pilates, so we have to make sure. I don’t have time to go through the long way. I have to give them the Yin Yang and then… most of the time it works.

Nutripuncture: And do the clients take it with them when they go home?

Christopher: Yes, I would encourage them.

Nutripuncture: If you take these together, it would compensate with…

Christopher: Do your homework, do your homework, take your nutris twice a day for one month and see how it goes.

Nutripuncture: Christopher, what was your experience, your personal experience with Nutripuncture? Can you share with me one of your stories? We all have stories.

Christopher:  We all have. I have a lot of stories. But to keep it short, one of the issues that affect me most was my knees. My knees have been affecting me for many years, I have been to the osteopath, he checked – There’s nothing wrong with my knees. So we did a myofascial release on the ITB band, to release it. Helps a little.
Going down the staircase on the bridge, because I cross the bridge quite often, going up and then especially down, I have a shooting sharp pain. So I have to walk down the staircase like a crab – sideways. It was so painful and affected me when I was in my forties. So I didn’t know what to do. Because the osteopath was there, and there was nothing more to do.
So I said, how can it be?

Nutripuncture: And you have pain and they said there is nothing wrong!

Christopher: They said there was nothing wrong. Yes, I did the ITB bend, I did my pilates. I make sure I strengthen my weakened muscles area and loosen out my tight areas as what the protocol is. So during the course with Keven, during the break I spoke to her, I asked her: “can you help with my knees”. I was more in the identity of my mom, not unusual. So she gave something like ‘Eternal Child’.

Nutripuncture:  Like a specific protocol to return to your original identity.

Christopher: Yes, because I’m Peranakan, so we are very close to our maternal lineage.

Nutripuncture: Ah you’re Peranakan!

Christopher: So the maternal line influence is very strong in my people. So yes..unfortunately too strong it goes into my knees.

Nutripuncture: Haha…

Christopher: Oh but before that, before I took the sequence, I could do half squat, two legs before the pain kicks in. After the sequence, I went full squat without pain. No pain. Full squat meaning I got my buttocks down to the heels.

Nutripuncture: So now it’s completely gone?

Christopher: Touch wood it’s been away for more than two years now ever since my course.

Nutripuncture: Oh wow!

Christopher: So if I feel that it’s coming back again, I just want to refresh it. I take about one week instead of one month.

Nutripuncture: Yes yes… Just to re-initiate the information.

Christopher: Yes, to re-initiate the information. To revise and give back the body the right sequence and signals in the body again. And every time I see clients, I always give them and always learning new concepts of what if I do this and I do that. Because when they come to the class, I always check them; are their shoulders equal? are their hips equal? Are their knees equal? Blah.. blah.. blah… Then sometimes before the class, they text me… I need this. So before your class, I test them quickly to give them the associations and then we start. Sometimes they will text me, Chris I’m really in pain. Can I still come to class? I ask where .. where.. and then she tells me the specific area. Then I’ll check the chart again to push the meridian lines to prepare the association before she comes. Because in the class, other people are waiting, there’s no time.

Nutripuncture: Yes you have to do it fast.

Christopher: Then I start.

Nutripuncture: That’s very interesting! Thank you very much Christopher for spending the time with us.

Christopher: Thank you for coming.

Nutripuncture: So, that was really interesting to share some time with Christopher and we thank you for joining us today and see you in the next edition of Meet The Practitioner. Bye!

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