Meet the Practitioner – Interview with Barbara Delhaye

This Interview is the 4th episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are running. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.

Nutripuncture: Hello everyone and welcome to this new edition of Meet the Practitioner. Today, we are pleased to welcome Barbara Delhaye.

Barbara: Hello happy to be here.

Nutripuncture: Barbara, it’s a pleasure to meet you and talk about your experience of Nutripuncture in Singapore.

Barbara: Thank you for asking me to come, indeed. I discovered Nutripuncture about ten years ago and I started practicing it on me, on my loved ones, and then to practice with clients very quickly after passing the exams.

Nutripuncture: How and what was your first experience? Did you come to a presentation?

Barbara: So I have a friend who told me about Nutripuncture. At that time, I wasn’t in great shape. But since I’ve always worked on myself with alternative healing modalities, I said yes and I had no idea what I was getting into. And I knew right away after the first introductory weekend that it was something that suited me and that felt deeply right.

Nutripuncture: Okay, so, if I asked you to describe for us Nutripuncture in a few words, how would you define it?

Barbara: It’s a way to regulate… to have an impact at the cellular level so that the body can heal itself. It is by chewing these small dietary supplements based on the tiny dissolution of minerals that the body regains its ability to self-regulate.

Nutripuncture: Okay, so actually, it’s something that applies to any type of stress if I understood correctly.

Barbara: That applies to everyone, for any type of stress, for any type of dysfunction since the idea is to restore the body’s harmony.

Nutripuncture: Do you have an example of what it has brought you?

Barbara: So I was ready to take antidepressants at the time. I wasn’t right at all. And after two months of taking the “sequences” (I immediately jumped into the big bath with the sequences), a friend asked me: How you feel, are you better? And at that moment, I almost said… not really…, and finally, just as I was about to answer that, I realized that, in fact, two months ago, I was not well, I wasn’t getting up, I was crying, etc., and then I was now better, I had regained meaning in life. I got up with a desire to do things that had completely transformed my dynamics.

Nutripuncture: Yes, so in fact, you don’t always realize if you don’t do a self-check to realize that in the end, there has been a change.

Barbara: Absolutely! It’s so deep, so straightforward forward and so obvious that you end up realizing that you were unwell.

Nutripuncture: Okay…

Barbara: So it’s still quite surprising and most importantly, there are no side effects.

Nutripuncture: So that’s the question I was going to ask you. So you practice Nutripuncture today. You are a practitioner, you have taken courses in Singapore and you have also taken courses in France. So today you practice… What kind of patients, people, or clients do you see?

Barbara: The people I get, it’s really… a mix. It’s people who have chronic pains, people who are not well, young and old people, as well as people… really, it covers so many disturbances, that in fact, we can support everyone. Then with more or less success, because everyone has their own background and the magic wand, unfortunately, does not exist. And then it takes the perseverance of the person who comes to see you. That she wants to keep going. But if she wants to continue, and if she understands how it goes or if she simply experiences that she is better, she will want to persevere and continue the work on herself since it is a work on oneself.

Nutripuncture: Of course, of course… If I ask you, do you have any particular experience to share with one of your clients?

Barbara: Well actually, the first experience was on me, but it wasn’t… it was radical. I was better, but mostly at that time, it was my mother-in-law, who had very bad back pain and I advised her to take a sequence called “Bone Trauma”. I was not too sure if it would help, but I told myself if it doesn’t do any good, it won’t hurt.

Nutripuncture: Yes and then I think it was also early in your practice.

Barbara: At the beginning, at the very beginning. She was really, really bad. And against all odds, she accepted. And then, within a month, her back pain was gone.

Nutripuncture: Oh yes?

Barbara: It was … and then I thought .. wow!

Nutripuncture: It’s pretty radical.

Barbara: It can be very radical.

Barbara: If you find the right one, the right sequence, if you have conducted your investigation in a precise way, then you can really have an extremely relevant result.

Nutripuncture: Many practitioners are already in a modality and arrive at Nutripuncture and add Nutripuncture to their modalities. In your case?

Barbara: So I have kinesiologist training, and then I treated myself as much as possible in an alternative way. I never practiced Kinesio whereas, with Nutripuncture, I practiced, as soon as I stepped into it.

Nutripuncture: Alright.

Barbara: But instantly… it was really a revelation, in the sense that I saw so much the effects of feeling better that I wanted to share it right away. That was really it, wanting to share it.

Nutripuncture: And it’s also true that when you’re a practitioner, the more you practice, the more you actually take ownership of the protocols.

Barbara: Absolutely!

Nutripuncture: And we understand and integrate…

Barbara: Absolutely, it’s like….we see someone coming in and we say, “Oh.. there’s something here, or it must be this there’s got to be that!”, it is true that practice helps enrich our inner library with the experiences.

Nutripuncture: Yes, we can say we gain experience.

Barbara: Yes and then you improve your feeling. Yes, indeed, you gain experience because all of a sudden you know exactly if you’ve practiced it on yourself. If the information is correct within us, then we can see in someone what is off, here or not here.. What is not present…. etc…

Nutripuncture: Barbara, one last question: can you share with us a simple and effective Nutripuncture advice for daily use?

Barbara: Absolutely. In fact, this is what I often advise to people who come to see me: to simply take the joker. That is Yin Yang + 33 and 34, man and woman. And then 26, 27, 28 (for women) or 26, 27, 21 (for men). And then 35, 37 for women, but 36, 38 for men. And now it puts the person back in the present immediately.

Nutripuncture: On her axis…

Barbara: On her axis, on her identity,

Nutripuncture: It calms. It allows her to be more…

Barbara: It mostly helps to be less stressed and to cope with the situation of daily life…

Nutripuncture: Okay. Thank you for that little advice. It is a pleasure to have you here today and to talk about your experience.

Thank you all. We invite you to join us for the next edition of Meet the Practitioner and in the meantime, I’ll see you soon!

Barbara: Thank you, goodbye.

Nutripuncture: Goodbye!

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