Meet the practitioner – Interview with Antoinette Biehlmeier

This Interview is the 1st episode of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are just launching. This series will take you around the world to meet different practitioners, hear about their experiences and journey with Nutripuncture® and discover the many ways Nutripuncture® is applied and integrated into the health and wellness field.

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Antoinette is a holistic health practitioner with 29 years of experience and the Founder of Inner Dynamics. During this interview, we discuss her experiences with Nutripuncture®, and how she practices and integrates it into her daily consultation with her clients. 

Nutripuncture: Good morning, Antoinette.

Antoinette: Good morning, Valerie.

Nutripuncture: Thank you for welcoming us in your office today, for the first installment of the “Meet the Practitioner” Series that we are just launching.

Antoinette: Yes, I am really excited to be part of it. Thank you so much.

Nutripuncture: So Antoinette, you are a Holistic Practitioner and the Founder of Inner Dynamics. You have been in the holistic health industry for the last 20 years, you have been a coach and a trainer in various ranges of modalities such as Informational Field Therapy, Past Life Regression, and also Nutripuncture®. So today, we are going to discuss a little bit more about your experience with Nutripuncture®, and how you practice and integrate it into your daily consultation with your clients.

Antoinette: Yes, wonderful. I am really happy to share.

Nutripuncture: My first questions will be, how long have you been using and practicing Nutripuncture®?

Antoinette: I started to use it at the beginning of 2011. So first of all, I used it for myself and for my family, because I preferred to try it out on myself to see what the changes were and what’s possible before I then use it with my clients.

Nutripuncture: How would you describe Nutripuncture®?

Antoinette: The body has this amazing capability to self-regulate. But because of the environmental, psychological, and physiological stresses that we are more and more exposed to, it becomes more difficult for the body to do that. Nutripuncture® uses the synergistic power of those micro-minerals to support the body in self-regulating again. So it’s not only about dealing and helping with symptoms, it’s actually really about creating this internal environment for health and vitality.

Nutripuncture: Yes, so it’s like adapting to environmental stress.

Antoinette: Yes.

Nutripuncture: You said that you actually wanted to try it for yourself first before you introduce it into your practice. Can you share what was your first experience with Nutripuncture®, how did it come about?

Antoinette: It was actually quite funny because in 2010 we opened a holistic center, Gallery Helios, and of course, you can imagine the months before it has been quite stressful: long nights, anxiety, and things. So on the day you had your talk, and you were actually a few hundred meters away from us, I wanted to go home but I had this really bad stomach ache, and I thought “Should I go?” or “Shouldn’t I go?”, so I decided then to go. So I went, and during the talk, the presenter asked for a volunteer and I thought it would really be nice to go home without that stomach pain so I volunteered, and lo and behold, after three of these sequences, how we call them in Nutripuncture®, I didn’t have stomach pain anymore. I was really impressed.
Nutripuncture: Yes, that’s pretty amazing. I understand it can be quite mind-blowing because it is so immediate. Like, “What’s happening??”

Nutripuncture: I suppose that was the starting point of when you decided that you wanted to start practicing or at least the modality, right?

Antoinette: Yeah I have that tendency to be very very open and curious about new modalities and new therapies anyway, and I’m particularly interested in the philosophy and how they see a person as a whole. And so of course, that demo was very impressive, I wondered how could this be of benefit for my clients, so I attended the first workshop, and so how it can be applied very easily to actually the simplest kind of imbalances and as well as to really deep-seated issues. Over time I started to be more comfortable, and this is how I introduced it to my clients and what I really appreciate, because my work is mainly based on psychological issues, is that you can use it for such a variety of different problems clients come with, be it physical, emotional, or it can be psychological, and that’s what interests me a lot.

Nutripuncture: So you have developed a method that’s called Inner Dynamics and it combines various modalities that you have learned into an approach that you use with your clients and you’ve included NP in this method. Can you share a little bit more about what it is and how you apply Nutripuncture® in it?

Antoinette: I have combined my experience of different modalities to help clients to overcome psychological, and physiological blocks in their life. The aim is really to help them find new resources that they can use to live a life in a more fulfilling and big way and to be more at ease and at peace with who they are. I can achieve that in a reasonably short period of time, most of the time, but then there’s sometimes where I sense a deeper layer underneath that still needs to be balanced so the client can anchor that new reality much more firmly in their life. This is where NP comes in really really handy because it works on a cellular level and you can work with different dynamics about relationships as well, and this then helps to get underneath, to the roots in a much faster way and settles it.

Nutripuncture: So it is really complementary to the other tools that you use.

Antoinette: Yes, for example, if you have a client who has a challenge with a parent, something that would probably know. At one point, the client decides: “I want to do something about it”,  because it spoils the relationship, and then they also realize that it’s actually not about the parents but it’s how they respond and react to them. So they go on a self-discovery journey and see psychologists or whatever they do, and in that process, they gain more understanding, they gain a better sense of who they are in the relationship with that parent, and the relationship gets better. But there’s still a possibility, that the real core dynamic or the core information about that parent may not yet be balanced even after 10 years of working on it, and this is where NP is so great to then simply balance that core information out and help the client to really get a sense of who they are and who actually the other person is and be at ease and at peace.

Nutripuncture: So we could say it’s like restoring an original program?

Antoinette: Yes, that’s a very good way to say it.

Nutripuncture: Interesting…

Nutripuncture: So you just shared an example of how you apply NP in your practice, could you share with us an example of a life-changing experience of one of your clients? Maybe if not life-changing, how it has improved or transformed their life at a certain level?

Antoinette: I have a few, so that’s like.. which one do I take? (laugh) Actually, there was one of the first experiences that I had with one of the clients. I had a client who had a really big struggle in her marriage with her partner, with her husband. She also had children. The struggle in her marriage obviously also affected how she relates to her children. She came to me and I knew from the history that she actually had about one and a half year of treatment with a psychiatrist, or a psychotherapist, I can’t remember that anymore; and pretty regularly, sometimes three times a week. So she came and after 3 months of purely working with NP, she actually said to me, and I was so excited, that the changes she noticed within these 3 months of working with Nutripuncture® have been much more obvious, more intense, and fulfilling compared to the one and a half year with a psychotherapist. Now I have to be fair, I mean he could have easily prepared the groundwork, to speed up, and to be more palpable and visible. But it shows how fastNutripuncture® can really work, and so what happened to her was that she built up boundaries for herself, she could clearly express what she wants in the relationship. And also her relationship with her children improved.So that was one.. Maybe I can share one more…

Nutripuncture: Yes sure! Definitely, it’s very interesting!

Antoinette: So another client of mine had really bad eczema in her arm and the skin was peeling, and it was really red and aggressive. After two sequences, over two months, it was almost gone and it hardly ever came back. She left the UK, and after 3 to 4 years, she says it comes back sometimes but it’s so mild that she doesn’t really do anything. So that was like, Oh my god!

Nutripuncture: Probably because she has worked on the core issues.

Antoinette: So this shows you how wide the field of application with Nutripuncture® can be.

Nutripuncture: And it’s interesting what you said about the psychotherapy side, of course, the psychological work is very important. But with Nutripuncture®, you also need to work every day by taking the sequence twice a day, you constantly work on that information so it’s also an easier way to access it rather than waiting for the next session with the psychotherapist for example. And it also works at different levels.

Antoinette: That’s right. And there’s one thing I would like to emphasize on and that is, if you believe that just by taking a sequence, everything gets sorted, that’s not how it is. You have to have an awareness of what the dynamic is and that’s why I love combining it with the work because I feel when you just give a client a sequence, it’s almost like going to a doctor and get medication. When you combine that with some reflections and with some deeper inner work, it’s much more meaningful for the client as well to understand what’s behind it and why it showed up this way.

Nutripuncture: Totally! And also to go back to what you were just saying, it’s also important to understand that depending on the issue, the results are more or less faster, but you always get to the different layers, it’s really interesting. So in certain issues, you can get a really fast response and in others you may need to take two or three sequences, to really access it. But all the work that is done is always something…

Antoinette: Absolutely! And it’s the same line if you do someplace like psychotherapy or you work with regression, for example, it’s not said that within one session everything can be taken care of.

Nutripuncture: So Antoinette, thank you for sharing all these very interesting facts and information. Before we part, I’d like to ask you the last question. Could you share with us one very simple tip that you would recommend for using Nutripuncture®?

Antoinette: Let’s take work stress. We all experience that once in a while or more often.

Nutripuncture: Yeah, I think a lot of people can relate to that!

Antoinette: I would recommend an association which starts with Yin and Yang, and then 10 and 18 that’s for stomach/pancreas for work. And I would add something for the emotional quality of that stress because stress can be, for example, related to fear which would be 22,31. It could be related to not being able to hold your boundaries properly which would be 35/37, or 36/38. And one that I come across quite often with clients, they are resentful, angry, frustrated or have a short fuse which is then 11 and 30 for liver/gall bladder. So this is really easy because you can take it several times during the day and it just helps you to keep, what we call the field more in balance.

Nutripuncture: Yes.. to be a little bit more in control.

Antoinette: Yes.

Nutripuncture: Alright, well thank you.

Antoinette: You’re most welcome. Thank you so much!

Nutripuncture: It was really nice to be here and to hear about your experience. This is something that we don’t always hear from the practitioners and I think it’s very, very interesting.

Antoinette: I am very happy.

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