Liver & Gall Bladder: The Sense of Touch


LIVER: Wisdom, Understanding

GALLBLADDER: Serenity, Coherence

Liver disturbance, on the psychological level:

Dominated by anger
Gets angry for a mere nothing, impulsive, carried away, irritable
Excessive, impulsive
Resentful, aggressive, quarrelsome
Fighter, brutal, violent
Dominated by one’s bad moods
Has a grudge against oneself
Taciturn, often depressive, of dark humor
A desire to destroy oneself, suicidal tendency

Gall bladder disturbance, on the psychological level:

Vindictive, grumbling, fretful, grumpy, complaining
Surly, argumentative, grim, acerbic
Morose, worrisome
Bitter, embittered, envious (heart)

On the physical level:

All liver problems
Gall bladder problems
Physical fatigue
Difficulty adapting to spring

By nourishing the vital currents of the Liver – Gall bladder family, one favors..

On the psychological level:

More peace, serenity
Domination over one’s drives, less anger
A more coherent life
An awareness of one’s and others’ limits
Greater effectiveness in one’s undertakings
Moderation in eating habits

On the physical level:

Better digestion and better bile elimination
More energy

For this season, start with Yin/Yang and #11, #30.
You may also add the other two meridians: #35 and #37 for women or #36 and #38 for men plus the second one- #33 and #34.

Follow with the other nutriments: #03, #19 and #08.

If you are feeling tired and out of sorts all day then try Yin/Yang + #11 and #08.

This will help you stay “right up”!