It’s summer, stock up on energy!

During summer the sun is at the zenith and solar activity, very intense offers the longest days. Our body strongly feels the effects of light, captured by the eyes and skin. Specific vital currents, in relation to visual perception, become more sensitive throughout this season. Thanks to light intensity, many details are revealed to us and all the nuances, imperceptible to winter light, appear clearly.


Supporting your biorhythms

Vision is directly related to light: without light there is no picture. The bright light of summer enables us to better appreciate colors and bring a new look to nature awakened by sunlight and flourishing in all its forms. The retinas of the eyes have receptors to a specific wavelength that stimulates the pineal gland to secrete a substance called melatonin. This is a very important hormone to regulate cellular biorhythms and more particularly the alternance between sleep-wake. Known as the sleep hormone, It also plays a protective role on the immune system. to regain happiness and joy, especially if there is an apathetic tendency and we depressed easily.


Stock up on Vitamin D

The skin, very sensitive to the sun, can also stock up on vitamin D from photon origin. Indeed, our skin produces 80% of the vitamin D the body needs, while 20% comes from the food we eat. Moderate exposure to sunlight, 10 to 15 minutes of a day (on the face, arms and hands), is said to be sufficient to absorb the light that triggers production. If today we know that a vitamin D is a good protection against degenerative diseases, we must also know that vitamin D, in excess, can be harmful. Let’s take advantage of photons available during summer to produce our own organic and natural vitamin D, as well as our own melatonin, stimulating biorhythms and ensuring a restful sleep. But why do some people, living in sunny countries and eating the right foods, do not succeed ?

Based on Nutripuncture research conducted on cellular communication, there may be an inability to integrate light information properly when some specific vital currents do not circulate properly.


Strengthening summer vital currents

According to Eastern tradition, each season potentiates specific vital currents in relation to one of the five senses. In summer it is the Heart Small intestine in relation to the sense of sight.

At this time of year, our vitality depends on the flow of the Heart and Small Intestine vital currents: if they flow freely, summer will be pleasant. However If they are weakened by various stressors, the season will lead to psychosomatic disturbances that can worsen a little more each year.

Summer is therefore the ideal time to strengthen the vital currents more sensitive during this season, refine the vision, take a deeper look at ourselves and make new projects. It is also the opportunity to get out of emotional difficulties, to find the desire to exist and make choices. Indeed the Heart meridians regulate the projective rhythm and, at a psychosomatic level, the ability to plan guided by our desires. The small intestine meridians regulate the ability to decide and make choices without fear.

Nutripuncture, micro mineral complexes stimulates the flow of most vulnerable vital currents, often responsible for a decrease in vitality. This “nutrition” supports the vitality of the whole body and strengthens its self-regulation.


Nutripuncture in Summer

The vital currents of the heart (04), Small intestine (13), Sight (32) and arteries (01) are the most active during this season. Supporting them associated with a Nutri Yin Nutri Yang, general cellular regulator, can support cellular exchanges during this time of the year.

To prepare for sun exposure and in-depth protection, Activa Well Being Oleatonic Metabolic is a complex of eutrophic oils and vitamins specific for the skin.

This article is for educational purposes. Nutripuncture is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. It is necessary to consult a medical practitioner to evaluate your health condition and requirements.