How the Solar Cycle and Cosmic Movements Interact with the Human Body

For thousands of years, everyone has known the importance of the seasons, based on the periods of light and darkness that rhythm our time. We witness this influence on the cycle of nature as every day passes. Eastern medicine found that this same rhythm of seasons activates specific vital currents in the body. Such that acupuncturists can offer sessions to energize the body in prevention to a change of season.

Today, we have more knowledge on the interference of other planets on the elliptical path of the earth, especially for the bigger ones like Jupiter and Saturn. If in the past, only Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus were known, today, thanks to astronomical research, this apparently empty world is in fact populated by numerous small planetary masses, of 45 planets, four of which are large, four medium, and thirty-seven of minimal size.

These discoveries have been made, following technology progresses over the last two centuries. However, among all this evolution and discoveries, it seems that the human genome has not changed.

So what does this demonstrate?

We can put forward the hypothesis that these fundamental discoveries may have resulted from new stimuli. We are in fact, constantly “receiving” cosmic information and, in particular, through cosmic rays.

Today, some of these known particles can go through us and interfere with the DNA, go through a rock, and even penetrate the underground of the planet. These particles that arrive in the atmosphere have an energy that can reach 1020 eV.

Apart from neutrinos, the most abundant particle at sea level is the muon, as it has very little interaction with the matter. This radiation represents 15% of the natural radioactivity, it can be ionizing and likely to break DNA, cause cancers and genetic defects.

Computer scientists are interested in these cosmic rays which are powerful enough to disturb electronic components, by inducing transient errors, called “soft error.” To alleviate this problem, Intel company for example proposed a cosmic rays detector that could be integrated into future microprocessors of our computers.


Then, why not think that these signals reaching us could indeed, in some cases, be epigenetic coding stimuli?

It is certainly what happens constantly, with these epigenetic stimuli that can modify some information in the DNA. As it was demonstrated with the work of Barbara McClintock, Nobel Prize winner in 1983. These stimuli can only be linked to the cosmo-terrestrial environment and especially to ours!

We can say that cosmic planetary “conjunctions” that rhythm our seasons in a global way, could interfere at times by giving an information signal that can be perceived by the body. It is this phenomenon that we have observed for several years by noticing the changes that suddenly appear in vital currents and impact behavioral dynamics of the human body. This fundamental research has enabled us to noticed that during a planetary or cosmic “shift/ movement”, the human body is affected by fatigue.

By studying the disturbance of the vital current affected during a particular shift, we have been able to formulate a specific sequence of micromineral complexes, to bring integration of the disturbing information signal of this shift in the body and to restore balance. The result is immediately felt.

More recently, research on vital cellular information has focused on the coding of amino acids that occurs during these “shifts”. For many months now, this work has demonstrated that “cosmic shifts” that interact with vital currents, also impact amino acids in the body. This fundamental discovery would make it possible to understand modifications at the genetic level since the amino acids are coded by the RNA, itself in relation to the DNA. We can therefore think that these cosmic “conjunctions” and these “shifts”, which have repercussions on behavioral dynamics, stimulate or modulate amino acids that are coded by RNA. We started experimenting with a number of people and found that “stimulating” the amino acids affected by a planetary “shift”, brought better physical and psychic behavioral dynamics.

Courtesy of Dr Patrick Veret – Nutripuncture Research and Development