How can Nutripuncture® help overcome mourning?

To truly appreciate the value of life, and give it meaning, it is essential to become conscious of death.

“We live of death and die of life”,
said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Indeed, at every moment, hundreds of cells die while others are born: this is the cycle of life.
Death nonetheless remains a mystery at the heart of existence and, according to Edgar Morin, “the problem that is more engrossing and puzzling than the origin of life, is that of the origin of death.“ It can be asked if death may not be necessary to life.

Acknowledging death means seeing your reality in the life of the body. On the cellular level. Death is an inevitable aspect of life; it does not dominate us but is within us. It is through death that human beings find the characteristic humility that leads them to knowledge. Life then takes on its full meaning.

Developed in the 80’s by a group of medical doctors, Nutripuncture® is a method of investigation based on polymetalic complexes, which allows practitioners to find the origin of a symptom quickly and identify cellular systems in a state of stress before a functional, lesional or organic manifestation Specific protocols have been developed to help practitioners support their patients with physical, emotional and mental challenges.

The death of a beloved individual, recognized as major stress, can be traumatic and induce a profound imbalance of the vital currents, one so extensive that it can create functional disorders and even illness. In the case of grief, we can experience this event differently – not by forgetting but by recognizing the deceased individual and the bond that we had. This is how we can transform an ordeal that is often difficult to overcome into an enriching experience, an opportunity for inner rebirth and a new start. 

Nutripuncture can offer support and relief in the mourning process of a loved one, by stimulating the specific vital currents disturbed by the event.

Nutripuncture® offers a global approach to health and wellness using various micro-minerals complexes in specific sequencing, each corresponding to targeted body frequencies, and triggering an organic response to stimulate cellular communication, encourage self-regulation of the vital currents of the organism and restore disturbed information within the body. Like an antivirus in a computer program.

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Parts of this article are extracted from Nutripuncture:  Stimulating the Energy Pathways of the Body without Needles – Patrick Veret, Cristina Cuomo, Fabio Burigana and Antonio Dell’Aglio