How can Nutripuncture® help during a pandemic?

The body is in constant interaction with its environment. Some information from this same environment may be perceived as a stressor and have a negative impact on the organism and induce a disturbance. The base and principle of Nutripuncture is to support the body in its innate capacity to autoregulate by providing the right support and correct information that allows it to integrate and regulate a disturbance. It is possible to reinforce the general field of a person, strengthen a weakened system and restore general balance.

In times of a pandemic, environmental stress is huge: a set of information that the body has to process and integrate.
Dealing with general stress, fear and anxiety is among the top challenges, but also supporting and stimulating general immunity is a key element.

Each person is unique as an individual with his own genetic print and personal experience of life; creating a unique field on which the information is received and processed. The role of the Nutripuncture® practitioner is to conduct an investigation to identify the information that may weaken the general field of a person but also implement protocols to support the individual as a whole to strengthen his immunity and response to stress.

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