Finding balance with Nutripuncture® in the corporate world

Well-being and vitality have become a necessity for individuals who are often too stressed, tired, unmotivated and have difficulties projecting themselves in life.

Life is going faster and faster, economics are more and more challenging, making it difficult for many people to cope with daily life challenges. Services in the wellness sector have blossomed in the last couple of years, making a new “wellness” lifestyle accessible to more and more people; these include yoga centres, spas, organic shops and restaurants, workshops on well-being and stress management, and alternative healing modalities.

This need for well-being is also more and more common in the corporate world. We notice a larger number of companies using the services of coaches and consultants to assist and help their staff feel better in the work environment. Team building and communication seminars, but also stress and anxiety management, relaxation techniques, or simply nutrition advises are becoming more and more popular.

The work environment can be a huge source of stress. Working and finding our place as individuals in a group and in a corporate entity comes with its sets of challenges. Relationship dynamics with other co-workers, or with superiors, can be difficult to balance and be real stress that many people do not know how to handle. It can have a real impact on performance and productivity for the company, but this source of stress can be at the root of more serious health conditions for the individual.
If as an employee we can find the right balance between work and personal life, be able to express ourselves without being “conditioned” by our work environment, not only will we be able to thrive in life but we will also be able to contribute positively to the company “life”.

Nutripuncture®, can help employees counterbalance the increasing levels of stress in their life and in their work and, consequently, improve their well-being and expressed their full potential. Maintaining or restoring an individual unique expression will benefit both employees and employers!
Nutripuncture® is a tool used as part of an alternative health modality, with the aim of helping people regain well-being and vitality. It is more than just being disease-free: it is the capacity to live your life fully, with drive, and to express your full potential.
It was developed in France in the early 80s by a group of medical doctors. However, it is rooted in thousands of years’ worth of knowledge of TCM and western medical research.
East, with the concept of vital currents and the Chi ( the vital life force flowing in the body), meets West with its discoveries on cellular communication, information and biology.
Nutripuncture® use this trace minerals to reconnect stress and improve vitality. Demonstrated to be a safe and natural tool to access cellular communication and restore specific information channels in the body disrupted by stress and trauma.

Disruption of this information may or may not manifest itself immediately. However, this information is stored in the cells, leading to physical or psychological symptoms, and, in the long run to chronic illness and severe health conditions.
Although it is not considered as medicine, Nutripuncture® is used by medical and health practitioners as a complement to their practice.

There is still a long way to go. Even through wellness awareness is very strong, many people still have not integrated the concept that well-being comes from inside. There are no magic pills or quick fixes. Changing patterns takes time, commitment and efforts. However, with self-discipline, perseverance, the right support and the right tools,  results can be life-changing, often beyond expectations, and truly rewarding.

Source: Parts of this article are extracted from a cover story article from the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore Focus Magazine January 2014.