Dental Applications of Nutripuncture®

Nutripuncture®, an “cellular information” approach to health based on micro mineral-complexes used to stimulate vital currents of the body, has numerous applications to restore wellbeing and health, including in the dental field.

The three-dimensional organization of the body

The three-dimensional organization of the organism is essential: the top, the bottom, the left, the right, the front, the back, as well as the inside and the outside. In dentistry, this organization gives its balance to the mouth. The teeth are arranged in the mouth in a very organized way with this notion of tri-dimensional balance. This tri-dimensional aspect contributes to the integrity of a person at the psychosomatic level, that is to say, this globality, this feeling of being one, of being unified, of complete integrity, or we can also say “being-whole”.

Experience of Dr. Leopold Kun, stomatologist in Geneva

“Nutripuncture® allows me to solve a variety of problems in my dental practice. For example with patients anxious because very often traumatized by dentists and their dental woes. There are also interesting sequences to “re-educate” the tongue, to allow it to put itself in the resting position and swallowing position. An imbalanced dental occlusion contributes to spatial distortion of the body. With nutripuncture®, stabilizing dental occlusal is done together with harmonizing vital currents while the equilibrium settles.

With Nutripuncture®, we also obtain radical improvements in the ability to tolerate a certain number of materials that, despite everything, are not part of ourselves, they are all foreign bodies. And finally, our job is also to help people bear things that are not necessarily easy to bear, which are foreign to their immune system and, with the help of some Nutripuncture® sequences in nutripuncture®, we can see an improvement in the tolerance of a number of products that are put in the mouth. We are aware that we do not use ideal products, we know well the problems of heavy metals, we know well the problems of composite with bisphenols A, but the ability to restore the whole system of tolerance improves strongly the ability of the body to accept dental materials. These are elements that have greatly helped me in my life as a dentist.

There is an interesting sequence for the elimination of heavy metals, to erase, not the quantity of metals, as it is not a quantitative question but a qualitative one, it is about the information of the heavy metals. Today, when we talk to you about metal poisoning, often, we talk about quantitative intoxication and you are told that there is too much of this or too much of that. It is in relation to a statistical base whereas here it is about removing the negative information of heavy metals on the body.

I also spend a lot of time looking for dental foci, they are inflammations or infections in the mouth that are totally silent 80% of the time, and it is when they are silent that they are actually dangerous as they can induce disturbances. Some doctors say that with 3 dental foci, one begins to enter psychological depression, this shows that these are important elements that slow down and undermine the immune system but also the entire system of adaptation from the body. And with Nutripuncture®, we have ways to investigate this system and make sure that the person is more resistant to these attacks.”

Other dental applications

Nutripuncture® will be able to intervene to stimulate the movements of suction first then of mastication (chewing) and of swallowing. Harmonizing one’s swallowing, restoring the physiological position of the tongue (the tip resting at the front of the palate) has been described by a patient as “I feel an increase in proprioception where each structure takes its place, it seems that it is really mine”.

Nutripuncture® can be used in case of inconsistent body’s schema, for example when you ask the patient to move his/her mandible to the right and he goes to the left! There are specific sequences for the maxillary, mandible or the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) that will restore the correct position and the proper function to these different structures.

In periodontics, the gingival fluid can be stimulated, it is highly nutritious for the entire mouth, for each tooth and the gums. Nourishing the alveolar bone, when placing implants, or in the regeneration phase of periodontal treatments to restore much more density to the alveolar bone.

A sequence for each tooth

Teeth are sensory organs and fuses in the body powered by vital currents that will manifest the disorders of the whole body. Each tooth represents a whole set of circuits in the body.

In Nutripuncture®, we also have very specific sequences to feed each tooth, and it can be interesting, before going to the dentist, to take the sequence of the tooth that needs treatment. It will help reduce the doses of anaesthesia required, increase the comfort and the relaxation of the patient who feels safer. It is possible with Nutripuncture® to nourish each dental box in a very specific way.

For the dentist too!

The dentist is all day long under the influence of information conveyed in the mouth of his patients. The mouth is the sensory organ that refers to the oral phase of life, the more or less emotionally charged unconscious past. The dentist, physically and energetically tired, can, thanks to a specific sequence regain his vitality and finish the day without being exhausted by all the information which could circulate between him and his patients.