Can the voice help us to focus?


The association Human Voices is on the quest to find a voice capable of expressing its full potential and captivating the listener’s attention.

Could listening to a speaking or singing voice activate the premotor areas of the brain? This is what Dr. Veret, medical doctor and member of the association “Human Voices” founded by Ms. Cristina Cuomo, says. The association carries ongoing research on the human voice.

“Beyond the content of words spoken, the voice gives information. It can be calming, annoying, exciting… we can also hear a laugh in a voice. Teachers can see that some voices manage to attract the attention of students in class” explains Dr. Veret. But all voices are not the same. Only a multidimensional voice, meaning a voice harmonized, grounded, and balanced, manages to activate the premotor areas of the brain.
“To measure the impact of the voice, the brain of a person listening to a perfectly balanced and harmonized singing voice (multidimensional voice) was observed using a functional MRI. The exam has shown activation of premotor areas of the brain when the person listens. These areas do not activate when listening to a “normal” or non-harmonized voice. This means that our attention is captivated by a multidimensional voice” says Dr. Patrick Veret. For example, listening to such voices while driving could help maintain better focus and vigilance.

“Emotions can interfere with the voice” but to achieve a multidimensional voice, that expresses its full potential, is not such an easy exercise.

“We studied the human behavioral system by exchanging with psychologists, osteopaths, and dentists. It requires a lot of work – including personal work –  because emotions can interfere with the voice” says Cristina Cuomo. This is important for people who speak in public, singers or even musicians as it impacts the way they play their instrument”.

Learning to manage the vocal apparatus enables better communication as it attracts the attention of others. If the way we speak has an influence on the listeners, working on the voice would benefit many of us and improve communication, for example in professional relations.

Nevertheless, accessing a multidimensional voice is not an easy task. However, listening to one can be beneficial and bring balance. The association Human Voices has launched a series of CDs with singers whose voices have been balanced and express multi-dimension.

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Partly translated extract from an article of Nice-matin