Basic Training

Module 1: Cellular Self-regulation and Psychosomatic Vitality​

The Basics and Foundations

Nutripuncture: the method’s basics and reference research

Cell membrane, exchanges, cellular communication and vital currents

Environment, behavior and cellular memory: interactions in organic complexity

The human body’s main regulatory systems

Introduction to the muscular test: advantages and limits

Parameters of human vitality

The bodyfield, origin of life, body clock and body’s limits


Impact of life stresses on perception and behavior: active stress information that inhibits cellular self-regulation and modifies the flow of vital currents

The five sensory profiles: taste, hear, smell, sight and touch and the vital currents involved in relation with the 5 seasons

Bipolarity in cellular dynamics and the polarity concept of male and female expression

Applications & practical work

Module 2: Vital Currents and Polymetallic Complexes

The Alphabet of Vital Currents

Kidney / Bladder couple in relation with the water element, origin of life, body’s clocks, sense of hearing

Stomach / Pancreas couple  in relation with the earth element, bone structure, strength & sense of taste

Liver / Gallbladder couple in relation with the ether element,,  metabolic pole, blood, digestion and sense of touch

Master of heart / Triple warmer couple in relation with the cerebral pole, body’s limits, coordination, proprioception and the sense of touch

Lungs / Colon couple in relation with the air element and expression of gender polarity

Heart / Small intestine couple in relation with the fire element, blood circulation, cardiovascular system and projection and vision

Introduction to Associative Nutripuncture (AN) to support vital currents and psychosomatic vitality

Applications & practical work

Module 3: The Language of Vital Currents

Introduction to Sequential Nutripuncture and Cellular Memories

Review of Module 1 and 2

Introduction to Sequential Nutripuncture (SN), exchanges, cellular communication and vital currents

The foundation steps for strong bearings

The archetypes of identity construction: the family triangle and the Oedipal phases

Role of stimuli and memories, innate or acquired, on the realization of individual potential and cortical maturation

Applications & practical work

Course Achievements

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of Nutripuncture®  fundamental concepts 

Learn to test and apply basic Nutripuncture® for yourself, friends, and family members

Get the opportunity to be tested

Experience and feel the effects of Nutripuncture® on yourself

Optimize your cellular health by learning how it has been impacted by your lifestyle, relationships and experiences 



Start practicing on yourself and others from Module 1 onwards

Meet and interact with likeminded people

Acquire both theoretical and practical experience

Achieve a better understanding of how your body functions and reacts to environemental stress

Learn a new discipline

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