Autumn and Nutripuncture®

The 23rd of September will mark the Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere while it will be on the 21st march in the southern hemisphere (the spring equinox for the north). It is one of the 4 equinoxes of the year that marks a seasonal change. At this moment, the sun is right across the equator and its rays shine equally on both hemispheres. Each seasonal change impacts our internal body biological clock in direct connection with exposure to light, and always according to one’s terrain: for some autumn can be energising whereas for others it can be depleting with seasonal disorders manifesting with general fatigue, pulmonary or colitic weaknesses, sometimes associated with meticulous, perfectionist behaviours, even in some cases obsessive.

Our vitality at this time of year is linked to the self-regulating capacity of the Lung-Colon family. In synergy with other vital currents of the body, this family governs the sense of smell, the immune, lymphatic and hormonal systems. Autumn is therefore a privileged time to support these functions and benefit from renewed energy.

Recommendations for the Season:

Here are some simple Nutripuncture recommendations to support your internal body clock in the autumn season.

1- Energises the master vital currents of the season
First 3 weeks of the season – twice a day, morning and evening.
Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang (General Cellular Regulator) + Nutri 20 + Nutri 05
This association helps relaxation for people who are too idealistic, meticulous or poorly organized and promotes a more flexible, less rigid behavior.

2-Refining the sense of smell
To be used, if necessary, from the 4th week of the season, or from the start with the first general combination.
For women: Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 25 + Nutri 12 + Nutri 07
For men: Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 25 + Nutri 12 + Nutri 06

3- Potentiating gender expression
This association is linked to the vital current that maintains the expression of one’s sensitivity, feminine or masculine.
For women: Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 24 + Nutri 07
For men: Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang + Nutri 14 + Nutri 06

If you feel that seasonal changes have a great impact on you, you may benefit from Nutripuncture for supporting your body’s biological clock during environmental changes. Nutripuncture uses micro minerals to support cellular regulation through the pathways of Vital currents. To find out more about Nutripuncture and how it can help you, click here.

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