Life is marked by the passing of time, of seasons. Whether it is the animal or plant kingdoms or our human world,

You may have noticed that for some of the Nutripuncture associations and sequences, we denote a difference using the or the signs.

Talking About Skin

We spoke with skin care specialist and Nutripuncture practitioner Helen Tee of Therapeutics Aroma. Her philosophy is holistic care to maintain good


Touch is an acute sense for us – the skin is the same ectodermic cell layer as the nervous system and contains

The Vision Meridian (32) is related to the projection of sight or how a person views the world, his/her sense of reality.

The hypothalamus plays an important and fundamental role in hormonal balance. Related to instinct, this is the part of the brain that

Yin Yang

The principle of Yin Yang, as seen in the Taijitu symbol, is a concept nearly 6,000 years old that illustrates the life

Physiology of the Liver

Excerpted from “Optimal Wellness” by Ralph Golan, M.D. You can survive without your stomach or colon but you cannot live without your