Nutripuncture®, an “cellular information” approach to health based on micro mineral-complexes used to stimulate vital currents of the body, has numerous applications

Notion of Cellular Memory

In addition to genetic information, which ensures, for example, the development of the embryo, the body keeps in memory emotional and sensory

The human body hosts over 100,000 billion microorganisms, spread over 1,000 species, located in different parts of the body: skin, mouth, nose,

If human beings represent the most complex life form, which of the expressions that characterize them could sum up their complexity? Certainly

It was by working on Georges Lakhvosky’s research on “cellular oscillation” that the idea of taking an interest in cell dynamics, especially

If you wonder how Dr Patrick Veret discovered Nutripuncture®. What is better than having him tell the story himself? “I have always

Our environment interacts with our vital potential, that grows progressively according to our specific genetic programming, and is modulated by the various

This article is a translated extract of the article “how Nutripuncture® can help in osteopathy”” by Pierre Mauvaisin, french medical doctor, trained in