As a reminder, trace elements are naturally present in our body; some in high or fairly high quantities, which are referred to

Autumn and Nutripuncture®

The 23rd of September will mark the Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere while it will be on the 21st march in

The body is in constant interaction with its environment. Some information from this same environment may be perceived as a stressor and

Every pregnancy is the unique journey of a woman into motherhood. The physiological, emotional, and psychological changes can be intense and take

On the 21st or 22nd of June, the summer solstice occurs when one of earth’s poles has its maximum tilt toward the

Life appeared progressively through the different kingdoms: plant, animal and human; the ultimate link in this chain. Only four main atoms (carbon,

  To taste and enjoy, listen and hear, to inspire and express, to look and see, to touch and connect, perceive the

Spring and Nutripuncture®

The body’s biological clock adapts to the changes in our environment, in tune with the circadian rhythms and in sync with the