Advanced Training

The Ages of Life

Journey Through the Evolution of Life

Conception and Birth

 Childhood – The archetypes of identity construction: the family triangle and the Oedipal phases

Child development – Oral stage, motor skills, growth and structure

Puberty – cerebral maturity, hormonal maturation, construction of identity and gender expression

Protocols to energize the vital currents that modulate the psychosomatic evolution of the child and the hormonal maturation of the adolescent

 Adult – Feminine and masculine vitality, pregnancy, adult life stressors and protocols of application

Senior: maintenance of sensory capital, prevention and dynamization of vital currents

Applications & practical work

Vital Impulses

Adulthood and Interactions Between the Two Sexes

Introduction to the gendered drive attitudes that guide communication between men and women

Identification of the impact of specific impulses on adult behavior to overcome automatisms

Boosting the expression of identity

Applications & practical work

Oxidative Stress

The Impact Oxidative Stress on Vital Currents


Oxidation & free radicals – aging and degeneration of cells.

Metabolic function disturbances and oxidative stress

Nutripuncture and phytovitality to reduce the impact of oxidative stress

Applications & practical work