Nutripuncture, a natural approach to help with eating disorders and food compulsion


Nutrition is an essential aspect of health. Not only does the food we eat play an essential role in providing macro and micronutrients necessary for our body to function but the way we eat and its associated behaviors may have a direct impact on the way we ingest, digest and assimilate food. Though all humans have the same biology and physiology, the way our body and cells process and metabolize is unique to our own body, making each of us unique.

Nutrition starts the moment we are born with the first impulse to breastfeed. Could it start even before, in the womb, during the blood exchanges between the mother-to-be and the foetus? Could this vital action be directly linked with emotions, a dynamic that will be present throughout life and may impact our development and behaviors? How does it manifest and impact the way we eat ? Then during the oral phase, we go from suction to biting and chewing. What happened during this phase? Could the environment during this time of our life impact us and interact with the way we integrate these essential steps? They could have a direct impact on how we eat and how our body nourishes itself.

Identifying the points that alter behaviors and that are at the deep root of eating disorders and metabolic disturbances is the investigative work that can be carried out by a Nutripuncture® practitioner. With the use of natural polymetallic complexes, called Nutri, the practitioner will help strengthen the functions that have lost their natural self-regulation. It can help harmonize, regulate and integrate impaired functions such as swallowing, chewing, salivary secretion, digestion, food compulsions, and obesity to name a few. It works at the physical and psychosomatic levels.

Nutripuncture® is a holistic method addressing a person in its whole and individuality to support health and wellness with the aim to strengthen physical and psychic vitality by promoting cellular self-regulation; the body’s innate ability to self-regulate. Throughout life, the human body is in constant interaction with its environment, receiving information through a channel of vital currents that, at times, are perceived as stressors and can induce functional and emotional disturbances.

The supplements are natural, biocompatible and with no side effects. The synergy of micro-dosed minerals and polymetals helps regulate areas that alter cellular communication and compromise the functional integrity of the body.


“My approach is global. I do not only propose diets, but I offer everyone the opportunity to understand
how their metabolism works and identify the stressors that have altered its functioning, at all ages of life. ”

– Ms M. Le Borgne – Dietitian and Nutripuncturist – France

The applications of Nutripuncture® are extensive. To find a practitioner near you and start your journey towards more vitality and freedom to express your full potential as a person contact us or check our website.



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