How Nutripuncture® can help to cope with traumas and stress of life

Nutripuncture® aims to enable us to own and drive our “body” by living our innate expression of man and woman and fully experience life. It supports our organism and cells to self-regulate and maintain balance.

Stress is defined as a mental or emotional strain or tension caused by external circumstances. A trauma is induced by deeply disturbing or distressing events that impair a person’s capacity to cope. Trauma can be of psychological nature leading in the worst case to a loss of sense of self and intense emotional expression, or physical injuriesCertain stresses and traumas can exceed the capacity of our organism to self-regulate. They weaken specific circuits to the point of interfering with our psycho-emotional balance.

This is what happens when people, disturbed by their environment, lose control of their body and can no longer manage to express themselves in harmony with their identity.

Sequential Nutripuncture® plays a significant role in stimulating the circuits in the body that are overworked and exhausted.

It is possible, with Nutripuncture®, to address the various forms of stress most of us encounter in life. Unfortunately, we are not always aware of how much impact stress has on our vitality. Often, it is only after restoring the balance of the most weakened vital currents in the body that we can truly evaluate and realize the extent of the pain and discomfort we were carrying.

Thanks to numerous clinical observations and experiences over the years, it has been possible to decode the body language linked to critical life experiences and locate the vital currents involved in the psychological management of specific life events.

From divorce, abortion, miscarriage, or sexual aggression, to the death or suicide of a relative or a friend, or a car accident, all are traumas that have an impact both at the physical and psychological level. These traumas, at times, can be repressed. Often, people believe they have overcome and put behind the event when they speak about it. However, in their body, the information is still not integrated and induces a disturbance of one or many organ systems which in turn can develop in psychosomatic manifestations.
Cellular memory is a powerful database of information and when the body doesn’t have the capacity to cope with information that is too overwhelming, it may repress and simply store it corrupted in the cell. Over time, like the corrupted program on a computer, some dysfunctions may manifest, expressing the deep, underlying imbalance at the cellular level.

With the help of Nutripuncture®, a practitioner can identify the body circuits affected by a trauma or stress and encourage and support the regulation of those circuits with the nutris.

The response in the body is immediate. Like an antivirus program, sequential Nutripuncture® helps to rectify the corrupted information. It supports integrating the reality of the traumatic event at the cognitive and metabolic level so it doesn’t create any disturbance in the body.

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Part of this article is extracted from the book “Nutripuncture® stimulating the energy pathways of the body without needles” by P. Veret, C. Cuomo, F Burigana and A Dell’Aglio (link to the book)