Nutripuncture and Sport Management

By regulating vital currents, through cellular regulation, Nutripuncture® can be of great help to support motor coordination and maintain the body’s physical capacities at an optimal level. More particularly with sport activity and athletic performance.

Resulting from more than 30 years of research, Nutripuncture® uses micro-minerals electromagnetic information to provide targeted information to the body’s vital current circuit system. Each information will be different according to dosage and combinations of microminerals used, and will then target a specific area of the body.

The objective is to give each body function its natural auto-regulation capacity back.

The research has brought a better knowledge of the organization and the role of vital currents in the organism. It has then been possible to establish the relation that exists between a joint, a bone and body organs. Each muscle function is governed by organs, which, if unbalanced could disturb performances.

Physical activity offers many benefits such as improving cardiovascular and respiratory functions, supporting bone density, fat tissue balance and helping maintain physical and psychological well-being.

However, sport could, in some cases, result in the appearance of an osteoarticular pathology and arthritis. This could possibly be due to bad posture, inadequate training, incorrect movement or when the activity is pushed to the extreme.

There is no distinction between high-level sport and simple movement, except the notion of effort, surpassing oneself, as well as requesting a more important muscle mass and effort from the joints.

Training requires many cellular exchanges. An optimum nutritional balance of the cellular membranes is then essential. Nutri Yin – Nutri Yang, is a general nutritional regulator, developed in Nutripuncture®, that helps to support the cells’ membranes balance and optimal communication between the cells.

It can support efforts, without any doping effect, and help the organism to regulate its own resources.

It can also help revitalize the movement. In order to tone the osteo-muscular apparatus, Nutri Yin Nutri Yang will be associated with other nutrients specifically selected to support muscles and bones.

The cerebral cortex plays an essential role in good motor skills coordination. It is the result of a good functional balance of all the organs and proper spatial orientation. Being aligned with the top and the bottom, what is right and left, front and back, inside and outside.

The better the motor coordination, the better the performance.

An important muscle effort can induce fatigue of some organs and unbalance the vital currents of the joints. The consequence will be a congestion of the organism communication circuits resulting in low performance during effort.

The purpose is not to take action against a dysfunction but to revitalize the information regulating a specific area (a joint, a bone or a muscle) in order to support a function’s balance. Nutripuncture® can support parts of the organism that are the most used during the practice of a sport.

With the help of a practitioner, you can get support to regulate the circuits that exist between different organs and improve their functions.

Associative Nutripuncture® can be applied targeting specific joints, or muscle qualities we wish to activate, stimulate and regulate, while sequential Nutripuncture targets more specifically the circuits of the organs involved in the joints and muscle functions. It can nourish a joint, a bone or a specific system. It is, therefore, more specific but can bring incredible support.