Vision: Projection & Reception in Life

The Vision Meridian (32) is related to the projection of sight or how a person views the world, his/her sense of reality. Our cellular memories, past experiences and belief systems all affect our outlook on reality, which then underlies our expression of individuality, of the Self. When our viewpoint is distorted, challenges can arise.

As with everything in life and in Nutripuncture, the philosophy of yin-yang and polarity applies here. The eye is about projection and reception. Projection is related to the Vision Meridian (32), which belongs to the season of summer and the element of fire. This meridian nourishes the anterior or the front of the eye – cornea, aqueous fluid, lens, and iris. Reception is related to the Sight Meridian (23), which belongs to the season of winter and the element of water. This meridian nourishes the posterior or the back of the eye – retina and vitreous humor. Summer-Winter. Fire-Water. Anterior-Posterior. Projection-Reception. Only when both meridians are balanced will we have clear sight. The act of seeing and the act of forming imagery are related and interdependent.  Visual perception helps us clarify reality.

Now is a good time to strengthen physical and psychological vision.

Vision – Sight

32  37  23  33  08
12  08  32  37  34

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12  08  32  38  34

Sight Stimulation

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  23  32  35

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  23  32  36

Oversensitivity to Light

Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang  23  32

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Sandra Shih Tonkinson is an alternative health practitioner based in Singapore. She writes regularly for wellness centres as well as for her own practice Jupiter Circles. She is also the Editor of What Therapy, a Singapore-based alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness portal.