What is the Hypothalamus? And How Does it Support Intellectual Work?

The hypothalamus plays an important and fundamental role in hormonal balance. Related to instinct, this is the part of the brain that dogs operate from and it’s no accident that the dog’s sense of smell (and animals in general) is so powerful. The hypothalamus is part of the Lungs/Colon family which governs the sense of smell. The hypothalamus works with the rhinencephalon or the “nose brain”, which receives input from odors, and acts on sexual hormonal secretions.

The hypothalamus works under the cerebral cortex and is sensitive to stress and physical and intellectual overwork. It is also related to reactions of frustration.

Physical Overwork
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Intellectual Overwork/Studying for Exams
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Depressive States
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Following surgery involving general anesthesia
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Sandra Shih Tonkinson is an alternative health practitioner based in Singapore. She writes regularly for wellness centers as well as for her own practice Jupiter Circles. She is also the Editor of What Therapy, a Singapore-based alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness portal.