Follow What the Heart Desires


In the summer, the Meridian family most needing to be activated is Heart-Small Intestine. They call summer the season of love for a good reason.

The Heart Meridian (04) is all about desires, feeling love and self-love. The Small Intestine Meridian (13) is about making decisions and living life expressing your own choices.

It is interesting to note that in the rhythm of the meridians, the Small Intestine Meridian (13) follows the Heart Meridian (04) which is active from 11am to 1pm. It is important to remember that we must first understand our true desires before we can make the “right” decisions in life.
We need to know what makes us happy and what makes us whole, rather than living life to please someone else, no matter how important that person may be to us. It is only when we follow our heart’s desires, that we can make decisions for a happy balanced life. Our heart is open to love and love will flow. We live within the natural rhythm of who we are naturally.

If you are feeling a lack of desires or if you have difficulty with being overemotional, nourishing the Heart Meridian (04) is very helpful in bringing emotional stability.

About the Author
Sandra Shih Tonkinson is an alternative health practitioner based in Singapore. She writes regularly for wellness centres as well as for her own practice Jupiter Circles. She is also the Editor of What Therapy, a Singapore-based alternative, complementary, and holistic wellness portal.